PHOTO/ After separating from Ledri, Sara appears in the arms of another man, who is the boy who is making her happy?

2023-12-08 09:53:21Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Is Sara separated from Ledri?

This is the question that has long been the headline in the pink media, turning into one of the most commented couples of Albanian showbiz. 

Although the pair have decided to remain silent, it has been hinted in the network for several weeks that the pair have ended their relationship of several years.

However, Sara has recently published on InstaStory a photo where she is seen happy in the arms of a man who is not Ledri Vula.

PHOTO/ After separating from Ledri, Sara appears in the arms of another man, who

It's about her makeup artist, who she has often revealed is her best friend.

After the news that Sara and Ledri have separated, the influencer ran away from the house where she lived with her daughter, the singer and his parents, while together with her daughter she traveled to Germany where she has her parents.

However, a few days ago, the influencer returned to Albania, dealing with her projects in Tirana.

The separation of the duo a few weeks ago was confirmed by the singer's manager, Faton Shoshi, for "Prive". Rumors about their separation started when the influencer was not accompanied by the artist on her most important day, as she attended the premiere of the film "In the Frame of Love", where she plays, parading on the red carpet alone.

Although, unlike his mother, Geraldine, the singer did not support Sarah even through a post on social networks. For their part, the posts together on social networks have also been missing, while the artist has deleted from his account on "Instagram" all the photos with his partner.

It seems that after the separation, which according to the sources close to the couple was amicable, the first frictions between the parties have started and the reason is precisely their daughter.

After several conflicts that have started for several months between them, it was precisely the rapper who made the decision to end this love story. The reason for the frequent debates were precisely the scenes of jealousy on the part of the influencer./ Panorama