Valbona Selimllari answers Ina Kollçak: I don't have time to deal with a man I don't even know

2023-12-10 16:03:51Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Valbona Selimllari and Ina Kollçaku

After the elimination, Ina Kollçaku stated that Valbona did not like her since the beginning of "DWTS" and she noticed this from the glances she made when they were exchanged in the corridors of Top Channel.

Even during a puntate of the show, Valbona and Ina argued in high tones.

After Ina's version regarding this issue, Selimllari also spoke today at "Fan Club", who said that she has neither time nor nerve to deal with a man who doesn't even know her like Ina.

"I don't waste my time or nerves with a man I neither know nor care about. But, as a mother, as a woman, as a person who has a big world, I want to speak well to someone.

I have a life experience of almost half a century. And she doesn't even perceive when she goes as much as I will. She (Ina) says I am in defense of women and the first thing she does is insult a woman. That was me. But, I'm still calm.

I started the debate not to insult Ina, but to protect her. I wanted to tell him that this debate does not belong to you, but to your partner. How dare she interrupt me?! It means that there is no respect and it is more complex.

There is nothing wrong with telling someone to wait for me to finish. I don't look askance at those I resent, not those I don't even know. She didn't argue with me, she argued with herself. It shows itself.”