The new names of "Big Brother VIP" are revealed, which is the couple who are expected to clash on the screen after the contentious separation

2023-12-10 16:58:20Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The new names of "Big Brother VIP" are revealed

A few weeks separate us from the launch of "Big Brother Vip Albania". The news was announced by the show's official website itself through a post on "Instagram", indicating that "BBV" will start in January 2024.

Meanwhile, the first names that will be part of this competition have started to be discussed in the network.

The first name to be confirmed as a resident of "Big Brother" is exactly Albi Nako. The famous choreographer has said yes to the production's invitation to participate in this reality show. Albi is currently part of the "Dancing with the Stars Fan Club", where he comments on the competitors' dances every Sunday, alongside Kiara Tito.

Another surprise name is that of the ballerina and blogger, Adel Lami. For several years, Adel has decided to live in the USA, distancing himself somewhat from the media noise of our country. It seems that this time Adel has decided to return to the public, this time as a "Big Brother" competitor.

Meanwhile, another ballerina who is rumored as a competitor is Graciano. Currently, Graciano dances with Fifi on "Dancing with the Stars". So, the other names that have already been confirmed are that of Romeo Veshaj and Olsi Bylyk.

But for Olsi Bylyku, the story becomes even more interesting, as it is known that his partner, Egli Tako, will also be part of the competition. After the couple lived for about 4 years a beautiful love story, they ended it, without much explanation.

Meanwhile, for months on the network, details of this separation have been rumored, alluding to stories of betrayals, family quarrels and many other details. It seems that the two former partners will return to cohabitation again, only this time with telecameras in front, to learn more details, but why not also to wait for a reunion between them.

Probably, this will be the edition of sexy women, as Roza Lati, Lei Kraja, and Adelina Tahiri have also received an invitation. The Macedonian singer seems to have accepted this invitation, where she will be part of the competition, after separating from her husband.