Valbona Selimllari: Xhemi Shehu does not imitate me for humor, but to make fun of me

2023-12-10 19:12:51Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Xhemi Shehu and Valbona Selimllari

Valbona Selimllari does not like the impersonation they do in comedy shows. Specifically, regarding the imitation of Xemi Shehu, she says that she does not experience it well at all. She did not call it humor, but a mockery of her figure.

But not only for this occasion, Selimllari says that he has no desire to be imitated.

"I don't like to be imitated, because I don't like to be put on an image that I don't have. This is part of the personality. I like you to imitate my movement, facial expressions, voice or body language, but talking about it makes me uncomfortable, no, I don't want to discuss it. I do not like.

I understand all the humor but you asked me how I experience it. By nature, I do not experience them well, I am a person who jokes a little and I control the jokes a lot so as not to offend them. I am a man of principles. I never bully anyone, even as a joke.

I don't like to make fun of anyone. In parts of the humor, it seems to me more like mockery than a joke to make others laugh" , said Valbona.