Romeo Dress up in Big Brother? Donald reveals the truth: I will never forgive him for the rest of my life, but...

2023-12-10 22:06:03Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Brothers Veshaj

It has long been rumored that he will participate in Big Brother VIP 3, but will Romeo Veshaj really be part of the most famous House in Albania in this third season.

In an interview in "Gallery" in "E Diell", Romeo's brother, Donald Veshaj, shed light on the actor's plans.

Manushi: Is it true that Romeo auditioned for "5 Times No" and didn't win?

Donald: Yes, he did. Romeo auditioned, but he's a useless actor and we didn't get him… I'm not kidding. Romeo is also doing a very big project, which I have no right to talk about because it is up to him and the people who produce it to talk about it.

Manushi: Is this big project related to Top Channel?

Donald: Yes, there is a connection. It's a big project that you'll hear about in 2024. A very interesting project that he's been very involved in and had to leave us. I won't forgive him for the rest of my life, but...

Manushi: They were just telling us not to talk about this project, but you said it and all Albanians found out.

Donaldi: Yes, he also posted on social media that he is shooting and he is really shooting 6 days a week, 10-12 hours a day and has been very busy for almost 5-6 months. He is on the set every day and was unable to participate. We took characters out of the movie because we had a 'Weather World'… It's in the movie, but it's not developed. The film is about a television situation and Mondi i motiti is a character who gave the weather, but he was with his own bodyguards, with his own photographers because he thought his show was the most important. And Romeo burned this character for us, but I believe we will have the opportunity to include him in other projects as well".

In a message to all VIPs who are offered the golden ticket to participate in Big Brother VIP 3, Donald said to embrace it as an opportunity because it is a unique experience that comes only once in a lifetime. According to Donald, Big Brother is a very good opportunity for people who want to come to the surface, who have dreams and want to materialize those dreams.

"I think that Big Brother is a unique experience in life. I say this truthfully because I am a person who experienced it as an experience. I tell all the VIPs who are hesitant to be a part of Big Brother VIP 3 that it is a different, life changing experience. It really changed my life.

Before entering Big Brother, I had been working on television for 6 years, I was on television week after week engaged in a comedy show. But Big Brother brought me to the surface and people saw who this guy was, who maybe they hadn't seen because sometimes you don't have the remote in your hand and they haven't seen you, so you need a power as big as Top Channel and Big Brother to see you. Then it is in your hand what you choose to give to people because the attention is on you. The cameras are on you, people are watching you.

So this is a very good opportunity for people who want to come to the surface, who have dreams and want to materialize those dreams", said Donaldi.