"Will Elsa Lila win the RTSH Festival?" Boiken Lako comments on the escape of the three singers

2023-12-11 23:32:53Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Boiken Lako comments on the escape of the three singers

The Song Festival at RTSH is approaching, so the curiosity is increasing more and more. A lot has been said these days about the withdrawal from the competition of Kejsi Tola, Samanta Karavella and Sardi Struga.

Karavella said that he withdrew because his performance was banned, while Bojken Lako, one of the organizers of the festival, gives this answer:

"Attracting artists is something personal. The regulation has been even stricter for years. Unlike other years, this year we allowed up to 2 performers on stage. Other reasons are entirely personal. This year we will have 6 awards. We don't care about the show, but about the music and the orchestra. We want to give importance to the text and the music".

Even this year there have been no shortage of hints about a predetermined winner of the Festival.

Elsa Lila's name is being mentioned the most.

"The jury has 11 members. How can all the jurors agree in advance on the winner? What is being talked about is just news for portals to be clicked", said Lako in the show "Our Sunday" on TVSH.