"I'm not Roma"/ "Tequila vava" pits Saida and Aureli against each other in "Per'puthen"

2023-12-11 21:04:35Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

In the last episode of "Për'puthen", the expression "tequila vava" that Aureli addressed to Saides was very badly received by the latter.

Saidja felt offended, as she considers this expression a symbol of the Roma. While this situation did not end there, after this week's start of the program, Aureli and Saidja faced each other.

It started as a tense conversation, but then ended in a stream of insults from both sides.

Despite the fact that in this meeting it was expected that the pair would clarify, this was not achieved, and it even aggravated further.

Saidja was the one who abandoned her chair, not to continue the debate.

The tense conversation between them:

Saide: What did you say about me being Roma? What is this 'tequila vava' that I don't understand you? I'm not Roma, just so you know.

Aureli: You only told him to bring us a tequila here.

Saide: Are you really that racist? How can you be such a low man. Ever since you arrived you only cursed. What's bothering you? Many people have died from bullying, I have suffered. What you did is no joke. I don't know you, you don't know me, why do you resort to such insults.

Aureli: If racism exists in your life, it doesn't exist for me. I joked. I don't know how you joke.

Saide: What you did, I felt very bad.

Aureli: You came, Saida, you said that you sell figs and you were dramatized. Go ahead and be dramatic. You used this for attention.

Saide: You dirty man, very low. I am proud to say that I sold figs.

Aureli: You interfere with Gabriela, when you are not at all on the same level. I wish her well (laughs ironically).

Saide: I wish you the best because no one should have men like you.

Aureli: You can't reach men like me.

Saide: You are used to living like a langaraq on the streets.

Aureli: You came crying and telling me I sold figs, I did... You were victimized in that way.

Saide: No, I was not victimized, I just showed my work that I did with honor.

Aureli: I got fame, but I got it on merit, not like that.