Photo/ They replied at a distance to each other, how is the truth of the relationship between Olta Gixhar and Luana Vjollca

2023-11-21 10:06:23Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A song performed live on Dancing With the Stars on Friday seems to have created a new drama in Albanian showbiz.

It is about "Gasoline" by Luana Vjollca, which was played by jury member Olta Gixhari. The latter criticized the contestants for choosing "Gasolina", saying that in fact we have much more beautiful Albanian songs.

So far so good. What was noticed, that neither the moderator Bora Zemani nor the other members of the jury pumped this moment, passing it with a slightly awkward smile.

As if to return the sting, Luana published on Instagram: "Who missed me", while the song "Benzina" was played in the background.

For two days this has been reported in the media as Olta Gixhari's mockery of Luana Vjollca. But if you take a look at the profile of Olta and Luana, you will see that they follow each other.

Even recently, after Friday's show, Olta liked a photo published by Luana Vjollca.