Did he give the money to Ilir Shaqiri? Sabian reveals the truth

2024-06-21 23:43:23Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ilir Shaqiri and Sabian Medini

"You are my 100 thousand euros". This expression of Ilir Shaqiri about Sabian Medini was among the most iconic jokes from the first edition of "Big Brother VIP Albania".

The two artists started a friendship with each other during the reality show, which apparently is still going on.

Asked by moderator Erjola Doçi, in an interview for "Top Arena", if he still has the heart of a dancer, the singer answered:

"Of course. He is my best friend."

The moderator harassed Sabian, as she demanded to know if Iliri gave her money.

"It was figurative. He gave me the gift that his heart wanted. As much as he could" , answered the singer.