"We pretend to calm down", Bora Zemani in "Top Arena" after returning from holidays: I understand why...

2024-06-21 21:29:13Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Bora Zemani

Bora Zemani told "Top Arena" that he has just returned from vacation, while at the start there were "complaints" about Ed Manushi.

She said that the vacations were to calm down, but her mind was always on work.

"I understand why you make these shows difficult for you. With these degrees. I took some wasted vacations. We pretend to calm down that our mind is here. This is where I am at home," said Bora.

Bora Zeman's holidays have not passed without attracting the attention of the pink media, as the moderator has occasionally shared moments with her followers on social networks.