Has he been bullied by footballers? Casey Medini: There are many, but...

2024-06-21 22:43:04Lifestyle SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Casey Medina

Casey Medini revealed in "Top Arena" that he has been harassed by footballers, but did not reveal names.

She said that mostly foreign players wrote to her on Instagram, while her father Sabiani laughed during this time.

Dea Michel : Defects of Sabian?

Casey Medini: He's better than he should be. I wish I were half his size.

Dea Mishel: Are you passionate about sports?

Casey Medini: I don't follow him before, but...

Dea Mishel: Has any football player harassed you?

Casey Medini: No… maybe on Instagram, but I don't see them. There are many foreigners...

Dea Michel: Why don't you consider them?

Casey Medini: That was it.

Dea Mishel: I didn't like Sabiani, I understood.