Tirana/Borell Summit: The German-French proposal was sent to Kosovo and Serbia yesterday

2022-12-06 11:44:41Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Head of the EU's Foreign Policy, Joseph Borell, said that at the Tirana Summit, they will talk about coping with the consequences of Russia's war in Ukraine.

Speaking to the journalists, Borell emphasized that cyber attacks against Albania will also be discussed, for which he emphasized that the EU has offered assistance to Prime Minister Edi Rama.

"We are very concerned about the region to support it to cope with the consequences of the war, energy prices have increased a lot. Albania has also been hit by cyber attacks. I spoke with Prime Minister Rama, I offered him support to face the cyber attacks".

Another important point, as Borell emphasized, is the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, for which he said that a day ago another proposal was sent to them with the support of Germany and France.

"And likewise for the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. This is an important moment. They should engage in dialogue with the proposal that has been put on the table with the strong support of Germany and France. The last text was sent yesterday to Pristina and Belgrade. Now they are the ones who have to engage".

Among other things, Joseph Borell added that 10 million Euros will be given to Bosnia-Herzegovina to start a campaign for the removal of mines left over from the time of the war.