The attack in Banjska, Albin Kurti: Vucic intends to create a 'Republika Srpska' in Kosovo!

2023-09-30 18:16:32Kosova&Bota SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has stated that Serbian President Aleksandër Vucic, with his actions, aims to create a 'Republika Srpska' in Kosovo.

In an interview for the "Al Jazeera" network, talking about the attack by the Serbian terrorist group in the village of Banjské in Zveçan on September 24, 2023, where officer Afrim Bunjaku was killed, Kurti said that the attack was "to destabilize the country with the aim of started a war".

Regarding the high-caliber arsenal found in northern Kosovo after the September 24 attack, he said that "what we know is that we have confiscated ammunition and weapons worth five million euros [5.3 million dollars] and all of them were manufactured in factories in Serbia".

"Hand grenades, machine guns, everything we confiscated was produced in Serbia and cannot be found on the market. It is clear that the army of Serbia has given this to the paramilitary formations", he added.

Among other things, Kurti said that the main purpose of that attack was to provoke and incite a war.

"They wanted our police to enter the Banjska monastery so they could spread photos around the world showing bullets on the walls of the monastery. This did not happen because our police are very strong and very professional and the attackers escaped."

They only wanted the start of a war to be on Sunday, September 24th. It is well known how the war in Sarajevo began. On March 1, 1992, during a wedding, a Serbian Orthodox priest was injured. We were very careful that something similar did not happen. But I think that they wanted to repeat the scenarios of the beginning of the war in the former republics of Yugoslavia", said the Prime Minister of Kosovo.

"Who are they protecting there? They came to attack... [Vucic] loves war, he wants war and he wants war because he wants a Republika Srpska in Kosovo," Kurti told Al Jazeera, referring to the Serb-led entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, formed during Dayton, the 1995 peace accord that officially ended the war but is the source of much unrest today.

To avoid the recurrence of such attacks, Kurti told Al Jazeera two things are urgently needed - security for Kosovo and sanctions for Serbia.

"All the while they are conducting some military exercises near our border... I think this is very dangerous. They will think you are either scared or weak. That is why the international community – the European community, NATO, the USA and Great Britain – must show and prove to Belgrade that a return to the 1990s will not be allowed.