The stamp concession is extended, the 'parasite' business that steals business with fees 10 times more than the EU

2023-01-30 18:42:12Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Minister of Finance, Delina Ibrahimaj

The fiscal stamp concession's 10-year contract ends on February 6 of this year. The business community lobbied and hoped that the contract would not be extended further, arguing with the high costs it has paid over the years.

But, all manufacturing, exporting and importing businesses will have to wait some more time to be freed from the hefty fees they pay. In its last meeting, the government approved the contract for the extension of the concession.

The decision has not been published on the official website of the Council of Ministers, but the draft law is ready and can be submitted to the Assembly this Thursday for approval.

Voxnews sources claim that the extension of the contract has been sealed by the Ministry of Finance. What is not yet known is how many years the extension will be given. The most likely option is for five years.

In the justification given for the extension of the contract, the sources say that the "good work that has been done with this concession" is cited, while the real reason for the extension of the contract is the complete non-inclusion of the fiscal stamps of the drugs as foreseen in the contract that entered into power in 2013.

The concession of fiscal stamps was granted ten years ago to the company "SICPA Security Solutions Albania", Businesses have accused of fees that are up to 10 times higher than those of the European Union.

Më konkretisht, vetëm për pajisjen me pulla fiskale, bizneset shqiptare përllogariten se kanë paguar në dhjetë vite 65-75 milionë euro. Pagesat variojnë nga lloji i biznesit, por sa më shumë produkte të akcizës të tregtojë një biznes, aq më e lartë edhe fatura që paguan.

Por, mesatarisht një biznes i madh në Shqipëri paguan 1 deri në 2 milionë euro në vit për pullat fiskale, ndërsa në vendet e BE-së, shifra shkon nga 150 deri në 200 mijë euro.

SICPA Security Solutions Albania është degë e kompanisë zvicerane SICPA SA, me pronar fundor shtetasin Philip Amon.

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