Exclusive / "top secret" draft law, betting taxes are halved

2022-12-03 17:27:42Investigim SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

In next year's budget, under the income item, the Government foresees, among other things, 17 million extra euros from sports betting, implying their legalization as of January 1.

But, although the figure is reflected in the budget, publicly there is no bill, draft, relation, document, or letter to guide citizens and interest groups on how this sector will be.

By law, such bills must be held for at least 20 days for consultation with the public and interest groups. However, there is no such draft on the government's public consultation platform.

Sources of Voxnews.al claim that the draft law will be examined in the parliamentary committees starting on Monday. The same sources say that the discussions and approval in the commissions are expected to be closed within the week with the strength of the card on the part of the socialists, to then pass with the strength of the card to the plenary session in the last session of this year.

However, what the sources confirm is when it will be approved, but not what it will be approved.

There is no final draft submitted to the Assembly. Several variants are circulating, but there is no final variant', say the sources of Voxnews.al.

Socialist MP Erion Braçe also raised the concern over the lack of a draft law for the legalization of sports betting. He described as absurd the fact that the income from this sector is foreseen in the budget, but the deputies do not have the bill in hand.

Parashikimi i të ardhurave gjithsesi orienton se sektori do të favorizohet sa u takon taksave. Para mbylljes së basteve sportive në vitin 2018-të, të ardhur në buxhet të tyre llogariteshin deri në 40 milionë euro, ose dy herë më shumë se të taksat e parashikuara në 2023.

Për më tepër, operacionet thuajse të përjavshme të policisë sugjerojnë se sektori ka lulëzuar ilegalisht. Opozita ka akuzuar se mbyllja e basteve është bërë për të favorizuar klientë të qeverisë dhe Kryeministrit Edi Rama.

Since 2013, government efforts to combat illegality in the sports betting and gambling sector have failed. Operation 'End of Folly' did not stop these games, while in 2016 the attempt to limit sports betting points ended up doubling them. Reason? A last-minute amendment by Socialist MPs doubled the points for each license issued.

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