Secret meetings in 1984 when Enver Hoxha fell ill, Ramiz Alia: He could not move his leg or his hand, he did not accept foreign doctors

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Enver Hoxha

Exactly 39 years ago, at midnight on April 11, 1985, after two days in a coma, the heart of the main leader of communist Albania, the dictator Enver Hoxha, the man who had ruled his country with an iron hand, since November of 1944, when he came to power immediately after the departure of the German forces, which also marked the end of the War.

His death also came as a result of a disease (diabetes), which had appeared to him since the first years after the war, which also caused an acute heart attack, which he suffered in 1973, narrowly escaping death. , but since the beginning of the 80s, he became extremely irritated, giving him a lot of complications, this also led to his death at midnight on April 11, 1985.

But the deterioration of Enver Hoxha's health began in the first days of February 1984, which caused a real alarm among the "leadership comrades", making Ramiz Alia, the man whom Enver, after the elimination, - Prime Minister Mehmet Shehu, in December 1981, had "baptized and promoted him as his successor, to gather several times in work meetings the members and candidates of the Political Bureau, to inform them about the serious health situation, which is the "Commander" passed, or communicated from time to time, about his illness and the "measures the Party was taking" to overcome that extremely difficult situation.

Among other things, this fact is made known by several documents with the motto "Highly secret of a special importance", extracted from the Archive of the former Central Committee of the APS, (Fund 14, Ap. OU)

The first thing that stands out from these documents and the minutes of the meeting of the Political Bureau, held on February 17, 1984, is the fact that Ramiz Alia had already taken the "reins" of the Albanian state and in some way he was already the "de facto" head of the Labor Party of Albania, deciding everything himself. And the other thing that is noticed in these documents is the great preoccupation of Ramiz Ali and all the "friends of the leadership" to keep Enver's illness and his health condition as secret as possible.

After making a resume of the health condition of Enver Hoxha and the team of Albanian doctors who were engaged in that direction, Ramiz Alia discussed with the "friends of the Bureau" also about the possibility of bringing some specialist doctors from abroad, mainly from France, but it was not accepted by Enver himself, nor by Ramizi and Nexhmija, as they were afraid of the news of the world press, because a Greek newspaper had written that Enver Hoxha had died.

Based on this, in those meetings, Ramiz Alia ordered the "friends of the Bureau" to be careful in maintaining the secret "about Comrade Enver's health", not even to talk to their family members at home or in public , keep laughing, so that the people do not understand anything.

But for more, we know the following documents with the minutes of the meetings of the Political Bureau of February 17 and November 11, 1984.


"Top secret, of special importance"

Minutes of the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party of Labor of Albania, dated February 17, 1984.

This meeting was called today around 13:30 by Comrade Ramiz Alia, with the members and candidates of the Political Bureau who are in Tirana, to inform them about a disturbing health phenomenon that happened to Comrade Enver yesterday around 17:00 .

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: I called you a little while ago, friends, to inform you about the state of health of Comrade Enver. The general state of his health, you know, but yesterday around 5-5:30 p.m. he had an unpleasant phenomenon, a slight ischemia in the form of a spasm, which caused some difficulty in his right hand and arm and in the left leg. The doctors were immediately called, with whom I also met. In general, after their intervention, the situation stabilized and improved somewhat since last night.

I went to see him now, after the meeting of the Secretariat that we held today. As soon as I entered, my friend Enver saw me and asked me if we made the meeting. Without going into details, I replied that we did and it went very well. That's all I told him and I apologized to all of you, I didn't linger any longer. As it appears today, Comrade Enver's condition is somewhat good, an improvement after so far, that these types of phenomena, such as spasms or ischemia, happen to be repeated. Therefore, now all the efforts, so to speak, are being made to dominate the situation, to avoid repetitions.

RAMIZ ALIA: Ajli Alushani together with the doctors are closely monitoring the situation. For this purpose, a group of specialist doctors from various fields was immediately created with all the appropriate tools available, at the head of which is the Minister of Health, Ajli Alushani. He went to the country from the beginning and continues to stay there with all the other doctors, who are providing Comrade Enver with all the necessary services.

Comrade Enver's health condition, as can be seen, has a trend and is moving towards improvement. Now the whole war, all efforts and therapies are being done first, to dominate the situation, as I said, so that there is no repetition of these disturbing phenomena. The second goal is to avoid, if possible, the consequences that the heart disease can cause and not to burden the heart. Comrade Enver has no heart problems.

A few years ago, as we know, there was a small episode and he was complaining, but in general his heart is now in good condition. However, the worrying risk that the weakening of the organism itself can cause consequences in this organ. In short, this is the state of health of Comrade Enver, since yesterday afternoon when the disturbing phenomena appeared.

Rather, I don't know anything to tell you. We will follow his condition and with the efforts that are being made, we will see what he has specifically, because what exactly is this phenomenon, it is not yet clear whether we are facing ischemia, a simple spasm or something else.

This is exactly what the doctors are looking at. They are taking care and will do all the services properly. Before such a situation, to tell you the truth, I considered it necessary to inform you friends that I could not bear this great concern alone.

I would also like to point out to you that for now only we who are here know about this event, no one else, so no one should know about this matter. We can talk to each other, the point is not to make a habit of it and to have conversations where we can, especially in places where there may be others besides us.

COMRADE BESNIK BEKTESHI: For example, when we talk to each other on the phone, there is no need to ask how you are, let's not ask such questions at all. When we meet and are alone is another matter.

COMRADE HEKURAN ISAI: The main thing now is to stop the disease process.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: This is important. Here, now that I was there and met with Comrade Enver, as I saw his condition which is better, I sat a little in his armchair, although I did not stay long, I informed him a little about the meeting.

COMRADE MANUSH MYFTIU: There are not a few cases of such phenomena in our country, but when they are caught in time and treated, they leave no trace.

FRIEND LENKA CUKO: They don't leave marks even in old age.

COMRADE HEKURAN ISAI: There are cases when some people fall two or three times in a row and overcome the crisis.

COMRADE MANUSH MYFTIU: Here, I have my brother who suffered a stroke and although he is 58 years old, he has recovered. Such phenomena pass, if treated with care.

COMRADE ADIL CHARCANI: I have full confidence that Enver will pass this situation.

COMRADE ADIL CHARCANI: They pass, they pass. Comrade Enver will surely pass it too.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: As I said comrades, we will stand on their heads. The team of doctors who are there will do all the services for him. I only let you know about this situation. Of our best doctors, only Petrit Gaçe is not at the moment, because he is abroad, but he too will return tonight or tomorrow, although in the current state there is no work for him.

COMRADE LENKA CUKO: However, he should come back soon and be here, because he is the best specialist we have for these types of diseases.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: So, so far this is the situation. If there's anything else, I'll keep you posted as and when I need to. In this case, I think there is no need to make any decision. The group of doctors is made up of our best specialists. Yesterday we also called Bajram Preza, neurologist specialist, so that he could discuss this issue with others.

COMRADE ADIL CHARCANI: We can immediately bring from abroad any kind of necessary preparation that the doctors may need.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: If there is a need, not only the preparation, but everything else necessary that may be needed, we bring from abroad for this occasion.

COMRADE ADIL ÇARÇANI: There may also be a need for a specialist.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: We will also look at this issue, but of course such a thing has another side that needs to be looked at.

COMRADE BESNIK BEKTESHI: This is the other side of the coin. Vigilance is needed.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: You must be convinced, comrades, that we will take all the necessary and appropriate measures, but I emphasize once again, let's keep in mind that the problem is very serious, that nothing has happened, there have been rumors, no our people will find out, most likely.

Why do I say this? Because they talk. And what do I tell you? Let me start with myself. Maybe the friends who were with me at the Central Committee meeting today did not notice that I couldn't hold myself back. Involuntarily, I spoke in a slightly irritated tone and was not in the mood. I did not express them in my usual tone. But the other one, of psychology.

COMRADE SIMON STEFANI: That's right, Comrade Ramiz, that's why we should try to be careful with the humor in this case, not to change it from the usual one.

COMRADE SIMON STEFANI: We must be very careful in our attitudes.

COMRADE SIMON STEFANI: That our people know our nature.

COMRADE LENKA CUKO: All of us who were at the meeting of the Central Committee tried not to give ourselves up.

FRIEND RAMIZ ALIA: Last night, when I returned home looking at me without humor, the girl asked me "What's up daddy"? I had a job with friend Enver - I answered - and that's how I ended this conversation. People look at you when you are not in your usual mood.

LOYAL FRIEND BESNIK BEKTESHI: They asked you because they didn't see you in your usual mood.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: That's why we should also consider this aspect, that the problem is very serious and if words are opened, it can cause problems for the Party. Words have been opened other times, and to shut people's mouths, they told Comrade Enver to go to some public meeting, so that he could get the TV, so people calmed down.

COMRADE ADIL CHARCANI: This issue has come before us several times.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: I had this to say to you friends, what else can I tell you?!

COMRADE ADIL ÇARÇANI: Our great wish is that Comrade Enver overcomes this situation as soon as possible.

FRIEND RAMIZ ALIA: Nexhmija told me that Enveri could not move either his arm or his leg.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: It will pass, I have the conviction that it will pass. Here I am telling you that compared to yesterday afternoon, his condition today has many changes for the better. Second, from what the doctors told me at the beginning, to tell the truth, I had created a different vision, a bit pessimistic, that Comrade Enver's condition seemed more serious. Even Nexhmija, when she called me yesterday on the phone to go quickly and I immediately ran there, although I did not see my friend Enver, because I did not enter the room.

At that time, she told me that he could not move his hand, his arm, or his right leg. But after two hours the situation started to change positively. But today, when I saw it with my own eyes, I did not find the situation disturbing, on the contrary, it seemed good. It goes without saying that Comrade Enver is also a patient, these types of diseases are like that, but the fact is that today when he saw me, he asked me about the meeting and as I told you, I told him.

COMRADE ADIL ÇARÇANI: The important thing is that the turn for the better has begun.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: That's right, the turn has started for the better.

COMRADE ADIL CHARCANI: The doctors immediately dominated the situation and this is very important.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: They dominated that the measures were taken quickly.

COMRADE BESNIK BEKTESHI: Speed ??in these cases is of great importance in taking measures.

COMRADE LENKA CUKO: Now the doctors who are working there should be ordered for what we said, that they and others go in and out there and the word opens.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: We have taken measures for everything there, both for the doctors and for the service personnel. However, we must be very careful in this matter. Alright friends, that's it.


"Top secret, of special importance"

Minutes of the meeting of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party of Labor of Albania, dated November 11, 1984

This meeting of the Political Bureau was called by the Secretary of the Central Committee of the ALP, Comrade Ramiz Alia, to inform the main members of the party's leadership about Comrade Enver's health condition.

They gathered in the small break room, upstairs, and Comrade Ramiz's speech was transcribed.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: I thought I would talk to all of you, comrades, to inform you about Comrade Enver's health condition. You all have followed him and are generally aware of his health condition.

Now I would like to let you know, so that you can also consider how this matter stands in recent days, why, as you yourself saw, at the meeting of the 9th Plenum of the Central Committee, on September 27, his condition has worsened approx.

Comrade Enver's health is characterized by a general weakness of the organism. His physical stamina has dropped quite a bit, which, as you saw, is reflected in his difficulty speaking.

He has pointed out this situation to us himself, when he came to the camera last time and among other things he told us that he wants to talk to us about many things, but he can't. Recently, friend Enver has also had difficulty moving his limbs.

The truth is that during these days, he also had some kind of flu, which of course had a negative impact on the severity of this condition. For all these reasons, I thought I would inform you, friends of the Bureau, to have a complete picture of this situation.

The main source of Comrade Enver's health decline is diabetes. As you all know, he has been suffering from diabetes for a long time, since 1948.

This disease has generally affected the blood vessels, reducing the possibility of circulation, which weakens the body. The treatments against this disease have been done consistently with rigour.

Yes, they have been done in order thanks to the rigor and the will of constant care of Comrade Enver himself, who has strictly adhered to the recommendations of the doctors and implemented their advice with an exemplary discipline.

This has made it possible to avoid for a long time those negative effects that could be proven much faster if certain therapy was neglected.

However, diabetes is the main source of the predicament Comrade Enver is going through now. As a result of diabetes, Comrade Enver had a myocardial infarction, 11 years ago, in October 1973. Many of the comrades do not know about this event, but a good part, like Adili, Manushi, etc., do. for this disease, from which he was affected at that time.

Even in this case, Comrade Enver was treated very carefully and it should be noted again that he was also very disciplined in the implementation of the treatments. I can even say that then he was treated so effectively against the heart attack that later he had no more worries and continued to work normally.

It should be mentioned that three years ago, from 1980-1981, he began to notice some other phenomena called 'pulmonary edema', which are nothing more than accumulation of water in the lungs, causing difficulty in breathing. .

For this reason, our doctors have been forced to take measures from time to time, for the discharge of excess water from the lungs, to relieve it and return it to normal.

The cause of 'pulmonary edema' comes from the weakening of the heart muscle, which does not have the proper power to absorb the excess water that is created in the lungs and causes breathing difficulties.

From the beginning of this year, there was a period when these phenomena became more frequent and aggravated his health condition, but this phenomenon is now no longer being noticed. As you know, in February of this year, Comrade Enver also had a cerebral ischemia.

Paul and Muho were not there when we gathered the next day on this occasion. However, they also learned about that extremely dangerous moment, for the life of Comrade Enver, but the situation was well controlled, thanks to the very quick and very effective intervention of our doctors.

After this blow, Comrade Enver improved, but it must be admitted that in general his state of health worsened, as the ischemia created difficulties in moving the limbs of the leg and hand, which were affected, and he developed a fatigue General.

For this reason, several times we had proposed to Comrade Enver, to bring doctors from abroad to visit him. I myself talked especially with him, Nexhmija also talked especially, at the same time we talked another time together with Nexhmija, but he never accepted our proposal. He argues it with two reasons.

First, with the complete trust he has in our doctors, in the diagnosis they have made and in the treatment they have given and continue to give. Secondly, it is then the political aspect of this step, which he thinks should be looked at carefully before acting.

Even without taking doctors from abroad, we have all seen what the press in the world wrote about his condition, even a Greek newspaper, there a month ago, wrote as if he had died. Italian television has also talked about the serious health condition of Comrade Enver.

So, without bringing doctors and there is noise outside, so it is guessed what can be said and written in the world opinion, as if someone is called. We must take into account then, in the first place, the concern that would be caused in our people.

Two or three weeks ago, we talked with Comrade Enver again, and finally he agreed to do something in this direction, not to have foreign doctors come here to visit him, but to send our doctors abroad, to France, to do a consultation with French specialists.

For this reason, we sent to Paris three of our doctors, who deal with the treatment of Comrade Enver, his personal doctor, Isuf Kalon, the cardiologist, Ylli Popa, and Bajram Preza, as the neurologist, who followed the cures against cerebral ischemia.

Our doctors received all the necessary data and, with the help of our embassy in Paris, organized a consultation with the president of the France-Albania Association, doctor Professor Pol Miliezin at the head, to whom they spoke openly and, of course, confidentially, that it was for Comrade Enver.

This was done so that he and his team understood that the secret of the case had to be preserved, therefore it was emphasized that only they knew this.

There is no doubt that the French specialists will have spoken to their government, but at least in the press, they cannot say anything, that such a thing would be very negative for them. Therefore, the French specialists were presented with all the documentation, starting from the history of the disease, the electrocardiograms that were done during this time, etc.

It is known that in modern medicine, it no longer follows the old methods, listening to or touching the patient's body; today, the necessary analyzes are done beforehand and consultations are organized on their basis.

This is how it was done there for Comrade Enver's case as well, and this consultation was very effective. What came out of it? All the French specialists in the consultation were completely in agreement with the diagnosis of our doctors, from the beginning to the end.

Second, they all agreed with the method of treatment, with the therapy that has been followed, whether against diabetes, or for strengthening the heart, against edema, etc...!

Even the French specialists said that, even if they had followed the patient themselves, they could hardly have done more than what our doctors have done, who have used modern medical techniques and the latest drugs they have provided, and have given them in appropriate doses with efficacy.

Not that we had any doubt in the treatment of our doctors towards Comrade Enver, because we have always been convinced that the effectiveness of their treatments has been good, but the fact that even the French specialists had the same opinion as ours, calmed down and convinced us that we are not dealing with anything else.

As far as the heart is concerned, the opinion of both the French specialists and ours is the same. This organ has reached the stage of marked insufficiency, the heart muscle has weakened excessively and this is precisely the source of the general impotence that Comrade Enver has until now.

So the main factor in this condition that causes the other negative phenomena of Comrade Enver, is the heart. Even when the diagnosis was discussed, the French said that the cerebral ischemia that struck Comrade Enver a few months ago has its source, we are not dealing with carotid artery stenosis, as our doctors thought.

COMRADE RAMIZ ALIA: The French are more inclined to the view that this condition is a consequence of a cardiac embolism. From an objective point of view, this does not play any role, but French specialists are convinced that all these phenomena came from the heart. Only on this issue were discussions between the French and our specialists, there were no other problems.

Our doctors, even with regard to the phenomenon of dragging the leg and twisting the hand, have thought that we are not dealing with any phenomenon of Parkinson's disease. Even in this matter, ours did not agree with the French.

They are of the opinion that with Comrade Enver, we are not dealing with this disease. The dragging of the leg and the trembling of the hand are a consequence of the weakening of the cardiovascular organs, especially the weakening of the heart.

The French specialist who spoke about Parkinson's expressed the opinion that such is his point of view, based on the data that was presented, that in order to give an accurate opinion, he asked to see the patient himself.

"Although we are not dealing with Parkinson's disease," he said, "I think that the cure against this disease, if proven, is well done."

From the point of view of therapy, the French therefore recommend the same medicines given by our doctors, with a very slight difference in the administration of any medicine of the same family.

For example, they know that Comrade Enver likes to use salt in food, while our doctors have advised him not to eat it.

However, by giving him food without salt, he does not eat it. The French doctors say that in his conditions, especially us, we care that the patient eats all the necessary food, so let him take some salt, and after the bread, we give him medicine to discharge it.

However, the medicine he was told to remove the salt made him very tired. When our people pointed this out to the French, they recommended using a diuretic, with a delayed effect.

Herein lay the differences in therapy between the French specialists and our doctors. There is no other essential thing between them, and this is very positive, because it shows that the treatment by our doctors was and is very correct.

Although the treatments against Parkinson's have been done properly for Comrade Enver, in order to remove the worry yesterday we talked with Comrade Enver to call the specialist professor for this disease, but he did not agree, even as Nexhmija told me, the day before, she herself had discussed this matter with him.

"Why come?" he told us. Yes, we expressed the opinion that we do not lose anything if it came, that the French now know all this that our doctors know, and we will take measures so that no one finds out about such a thing, by bringing the doctor French as a tourist.

However, with some difficulty, we convinced him. This neither adds nor detracts from the fact that the treatments for Parkinson's have been done in order, even the French said that you have done very well, that you have started this cure, because the medicine used does not bring any harm even if it does not have this disease.

Comrade Enver knows all this that I told you, but not to this disturbing degree that I told you. Thus, for the French specialist, who has been called to come, we have not told him that he will visit him for Parkinson's, but to see the way of giving the cures.

Even for pronounced heart failure, we have also not spoken to him with the seriousness that is his condition, and it must be recognized that this condition is very serious, therefore we must all be very conscious, although we have told Comrade Enver in a way moderate his condition.

The new therapy that has been started, may bring some improvement, and we wish Comrade Enver to recover. Yes, we will look at this. In these conditions, of course, his spiritual state has also changed. Comrade Enver has become sensitive. Well, when I went the day before yesterday and I was talking to him about the new fountain well that has been opened, he started to cry and was very touched.

Also, when you see something on TV, you are affected. So is the disease. In this situation, we have followed and will follow the path, so as not to burden Comrade Enver with work, beyond his current physical capabilities; we will load him with as much as he can bear, so as not to cause him any difficulty.

I have tried to keep it up to date, of course very briefly and without going into detail. I go to his house all the time and he himself sometimes calls me. He also calls his friend Adil, and he also sends him only some necessary material.

So, taking into account the serious health condition of Comrade Enver, I have tried not to burden him, but to make him aware of the problems of the political aspect, without going into details.

We will follow this practice in the future as well, so as not to burden it. Even now we have the problem of the Spartakiad, which will be held on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Liberation, where it is necessary for him to participate, since with his appearance in public, the interest of the Party demands it.

In this great physical and cultural manifestation, there will be all the people and the youth of Tirana, who want to see the Commander. For these reasons, I was forced to raise this issue before you, as we are facing new situations.

We have taken all the measures to ensure his appearance in front of the public of the capital, without creating any difficulties for him, than walking to the stands of the stadium, we have ensured that he does it on a very short and horizontal path, only 6-7 steps , until he takes a place in the chair where he will sit and from there he will not move again, until the end of the manifestation.

Some friends may have the opinion that the Spartakiad should be postponed for a few days, but it must be understood that here we are not dealing with a flu disease, the word is that it lasts for a few days, the sick person gets better and goes back to work.

Comrade Enver's situation is different. He is now going through some greater difficulties than he had before, which everyone noticed at the first session of the 9th Plenum of the Party Central Committee, although he came to the meeting on his own two feet that day, and now it is more difficult for him to walk.

However, we will see the issue of his appearance at the demonstration, I just want to say that this is of great importance, because everyone wants to see him there, and not only the people of Tirana, but the whole of Albania.

In the stadium we will place television equipment for this purpose, as in all cases of this type. Therefore, we will try to arrange his exit, in order for the people to rejoice.

However, we will see the issue in the coming days. I think that even if someone accompanies him by the arm, there is nothing wrong. Then everyone guesses that age and illness have these phenomena.

However, for his participation in the Spartakiad, we still have many days to decide, so let's not rush.

To tell you the truth, I couldn't handle this concern myself, that's why I gathered you to tell you all this so that the Political Bureau knows.

However, our doctors are at the top of their duties and Comrade Enver himself very rigorously applies all the treatments they give him. All that I said, we should keep to ourselves.

Now let's put all our strength to carry out the tasks under these conditions. This will also be the biggest relief for his condition, so that we don't worry about the big problems that we have ahead of us and that worry us all, but a little more about him.

Therefore, the more successes we have in the affairs of the Party and the state, the more it will have a positive effect on the improvement of Comrade Enver's spiritual and physical condition.

This will be good for him and this is now our main task. All the services we are doing and will do for him, and I hope that Comrade Enver will overcome this difficulty thanks to the care that is being shown and the medicines that have been provided to him, and to recover, which will be very important for the Party. Memory. al