Alfred Moisiu recounts his memories from the Second World War: I heard him with his friends...

2024-04-09 10:07:30Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Former president Alfred Moisiu was invited this Monday to "Breaking" on Top News.

Among other things, Moisiu shared the experiences of the Second World War, since his father was a major in the royal army at the time, and the former president, although at a young age, faced some unforgettable situations, which took root in memory.

He tells about April 7, 1939, as a difficult day, when Albania was invaded by Italy. Moisiu at that time was about 9 years old and lived in Shkodër, with his family.

The confession of former president Alfred Moisiu

April 7, 1939 I was 9 years old. My family was in Shkodër, my father was a major in the royal army. He was the commander of the northwestern area. It was a military unit, it was a nationality regiment, and the command was a Russian colonel, it was one of the other brigadiers, together with Zogun, he took 24 out of Yugoslavia.

I remember April 7th. Airplanes were buzzing over the sky of Shkodra, there was no one to open fire and we were bombed. Dropped leaflets and appealed to the people, with their propaganda of course. From my father's side there was a rifle platoon in Shengjin and it was the baderia in Shengjin that could not open fire as it was occupied by the Italians of the time.

And ours had a machine gun, they opened fire several times, we did some damage, but they used up the cartridges. They call him on my phone and tell him that 'I'm out of cartridges, what should I do?', he tells him to back off. Symbolic defense was organized, but that was the opportunity. I used to listen to him with his friends and they are events that become fixed. The military forces of the time were withdrawn and in a village of Shkodra there were about 2 thousand armed people. The commander was Russian and he told me that we have nothing to do, we should surrender to Yugoslavia, don't let the Italians capture us. Or we will tell him who will come. But I am a foreigner, so you spoke'.

This great colonel was a major, he said 'we did our duty as best we could and we are going to surrender to Yugoslavia, or stay here with the invaders.' A grave silence, no one wanted.

We fled to the border, to the Inn of Hoti, we waited a long time because Yugoslavia did not accept soldiers because it was in conflict with Italy. near the exit we agreed and a squad of riflemen were lined up in Tuz, ready to fire. Very heavy shade.

I remember the soldiers who surrendered their weapons and the Yugoslav Serbian major comes and addresses me, saying that you officers can keep your personal weapons. I say no to him and throw him first.

I went out to a park, I was with some children. Come some Montenegrin guys had a nice ball. I liked it and asked me for money. I had a gold franc and I gave it to him, but he didn't give me the ball. I jumped at his throat and took his franc. When I returned home, some 25 people came with axes, an officer from Ulcinj succeeded them.