Rare / Drought highlights an antique boat on the Vjosa River

2024-02-19 18:28:42Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Boat on the Vjosa river

The drop in the level of the Vjosë River has brought to the surface the skeleton of an old boat near the village of Kasisht in the Municipality of Fier.

The remains of the boat have been spotted by the shepherds of the area, while the wooden construction, the metal nails, which were used by the builders and a bitumen layer for waterproofing, are clearly visible to the naked eye.

According to researcher and historian Ilirjan Gjika, this vessel should first be studied by specialists in the field, as Vjosa is known for its old history in inland navigation.

According to the historian Gjika, the hypotheses about its antiquity can be many, since the centuries-old tradition of sailing on this river in antiquity and the Middle Ages is known, and this is proven by a series of historical testimonies.

From the study of the skeleton of this boat, it is expected to reveal more information about the era in which the Vjosë River was navigable.