PHOTO + NAME/ Who is the ALBANIAN army officer who trained Adem Jashari!

2024-02-17 16:11:53Histori SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
PHOTO: Adem Jashari

Adem Jashari , the symbol of Kosovo's freedom and a national hero already, has been trained in Albania by one of the most trained soldiers in the country.

The pedagogue of the "Skënderbej" Military Academy is called Ylli Mici , whom the journalist and publisher Naim Zoto shared today with photos and his book.

 The soldier from Albania, Ylli Mici , has confessed about his first memories of 27 years, when he met the Legendary Commander of the KLA, Adem Jashari.

"I definitely remember him, his appearance remains in my mind. It had a more differentiated look – characteristic look of the area. Adam was very approachable, he created a dignity, he approached, he blushed when he laughed, he was a man who was not by chance what happened - either in preparation or in communication".

"For me, there is no surprise about his extraordinary art. They had come voluntarily, they were trying, and this showed later how determined he was and what task he had set himself", said Mici, in Info Magazine of Klan Kosova.

Mici, who has been engaged in military exercises in Albania, in which many men from Kosovo had begun to go - among them Adem Jashari, explained the form of the exercises that took place there.

"The living and the exercises were done in Malin e Dajti illegally, the training was done in the training grounds of the academy and there was security so that they wouldn't de-conspiracy. It was a training ground where academy students also trained. No matter how hard we tried to coordinate the dates, there were clashes between groups and due to their age, it could not be said that they were students".

"This work resulted in the fact that they came from Kosovo to prepare. The course was intensive for only one month. 106 people trained. It was understood that in a one-month period a program had to be made with the most necessary things - such as the preparation of the use of weaponry".

Mici, on the 20th anniversary of the fall of Commander Adem Jashari and his family, has recounted his memories of the period when he served in the exercises that began to take place in Albania from 1991.

"Every time I come here, I remember Adam when he was alive and the working relationships from 1991 - this distant year".

"It seems to us that he is still alive, with his vitality and preparations. I can't imagine much at that time, but the fact that they were there in that period when the Serbian repression was extraordinary, they took the courage to prepare in Albania and it showed that they had a self-confidence and willingness to sacrifice ", Mici said, Klan Kosova announces.

He said that Adem Jashari and the other men from Kosovo who practiced there were distinguished in training.

"Their sacrifice for the freedom of Kosovo shows that they were rare people"

Mici said that Adem Jashari did not remove the rifle from his shoulder from the time of the military exercises in Dajt, until he and his family fell.

The former Albanian soldier, Ylli Mici, remembered the time when the group of the legendary commander Adem Jashari went for training in Albania.

"At that time we had no idea about Kosovo, because the curtain was so strong - when we were told that some groups would come from Kosovo, we were a little surprised", Mici remembers this moment.

"We were looking forward to them - even I had the good fortune to have every day of preparation with them."

"I saw in them an extraordinary readiness, they were pleased to gain confidence in themselves in what they did, they were dedicated - if we look at my notes, they had very good results", Mici further recalls the distant year 1991, when Adem Jashari practiced with his friends.

Mici says that there was no division in the two groups that he trained.

"Now the discussion about who Adem Jashari belongs to is out of place, it is a fight for political gains - he belongs to everyone".

"All those soldiers gave their lives without having any political affiliation," he said.

Mici said that at the end of the training, Adem Jashri requested weapons from Albania.

"The second group, which also included Adem Jashari, asked for weapons at the end of the training", Mici remembers this time.

"They made a request for arming - they agreed that anyone who wanted to arm themselves had that opportunity - they returned armed to Kosovo because they had their mind set on war".

"Adem Jashari himself has withdrawn the weaponry for the Prekazi area".

"He had taken 13 automatic weapons, 12 he carried on his shoulder, while one in his hands - so that he was always ready for war," he said.