The paradox of SPAK/ It makes public every document for officials, meanwhile it prohibits the publication of criminals

2024-05-22 16:22:40Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

SPAK's actions against organized crime and against corruption, the first result they achieve is not the closing of investigative files and then their trial and punishment of law breakers. The first result is a media and public show that is pumped through the leakage of secret information from these files, not yet reaching the stage of starting the judicial process.

The head of SPAK, Altin Dumani, recognized this problem in the long report he developed in the Laws Commission in front of the opposition and majority MPs, who surprisingly had filled the hall this Wednesday. 'It is a big problem', said Dumani, in response to the question raised by MP Damian Gjiknuri on the public leak of investigative files.

Referring to the case of the file of seven criminal groups where 51 arrest warrants were issued, Altin Dumani said that there is a court decision that prohibits the publication of the file, or even the content of this file.

But the matter is not so simple. First, the media and the public became aware of the court's order only after the file was received and secondly, which is even more important, through the publication of details from this file, the media made Albanian society aware of the level of organized crime and how he challenged and continues to challenge the state.

So, in this case, the media has done a great service to the public, by exposing before it the ways of action and thinking of the most dangerous elements of organized crime, which had reached the point where they even ordered murders online.

SPAK, on ??the other hand, requests that this file and details of its content not be published, citing investigative secrecy as the reason. It is ironic that at the same time that discretion is required for characters from the world of crime whose deeds are known by the entire Albanian society, another document comes from SPAK, in a violation many times more serious than the publication of the file of criminals.

A letter signed by a prosecutor of SPAK appeared in the media, which is addressed to the second level banks to verify the financial transfers of the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj. The letter has neither the number of the proceeding nor does it clarify whether Veliaj is part of a criminal proceeding or whether the request addressed to the bank is part of a criminal proceeding. 

If the publication of an investigative document risks compromising the investigations of 50 criminals as SPAK claims, what happens when a document of an investigation still in the verification phase is thrown into the political market? Who are responsible for the damage caused to the investigations? What about breach of data protection law?

For these questions, there is a need for an in-depth criminal investigation by SPAK to understand who is behind the acts of deconspiracy of his work.


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