"We are in blood with Kanu"/ THE HISTORY OF REVENGE between the Nikulaj-Lekstakaj tribes!

2023-12-03 08:50:53Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Nikulaj and Lestakaj tribes

Entjan Nikulaj was executed with a Kalashnikov volley in the Milot-Lezhë axis on the evening of December 2.

The 40-year-old is the son of Ardian Nikulaj's uncle, who was executed on April 19 of this year in his bar in Shengjin for blood feud. 

Entjan Nikulaj was shot at the entrance to Lezha while driving his off-road vehicle, while 3 people are suspected of having participated in his murder. 

In relation to the incident, the police escorted and interrogated several people, while about 25 automatic cartridges were seized as material evidence.

The main track of the investigations is that of the blood feud between the Nikulaj and Lekstakaj tribes, where 40-year-old Entjan Nikulaj is the third victim in the space of a few months, after the murder of businessman Ardian Nikulaj, in July he was executed with a firearm in Balldre Nikolin. Lekstakaj.

The story of the enmity between 2 tribes that started for 1000 Lek

The enmity between the Palaj (Lektasaj) and Nikulaj tribes originated in 1996, where members of the Palaj (Lektasaj) family executed the brother of Ardian Nikulaj, after a momentary conflict at a gas station over 1000 lek of fuel.

Ardian's brother Nikulaj together with another person were sellers at the fuel in question and one of the members of the Lekstakaj family was supplying the car.

After the fuel supply, the sellers argued with the driver claiming that he had not made the payment of 10,000 old leks for the fuel supply.

After the verbal argument, the driver of the vehicle left, returning armed a few minutes later and shot at two employees, leaving them dead on the spot, including Ardian Nikulaj's brother.

That is where the story of blood feud begins, where a few months later Gëzim Lekstakaj and Laurent Gjetja, who was the nephew of the family, were killed.

While in 1999, Gjovalin Lekstakaj was killed and Pjeter Lekstakaj was seriously injured.

To this day, this serious event that happened a few years ago is unsolved and no perpetrator has been convicted by justice. 

It was this story that brought several murders between the two tribes, where the murder of Ardian Nikulaj on April 19, 2023 was followed by the murder of Nikolin Lekstakaj, three months later on July 19.

While almost 7 months after the murder of Ardian Nikulaj, his relative Entjan Nikulaj was also executed.