Exclusive/ Video shows how the 41-year-old man was stabbed 27 times in the middle of the block

2023-01-30 20:35:01Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
In the photo: Eder Dorzi

The video provided by VoxNews of the knife massacre of 41-year-old Eder Dorzi in a bar in the former block area in Tirana is released.

Maren Hoxha and Heridon Hasa, as it appears from the footage, entered the bar and sat at Dorzi's table, who was also accompanied by another person.

Hoxha and Hasa asked the 40-year-old's companion to buy a pack of cigarettes, then, taking advantage of the moment, attacked the 40-year-old with a knife.

The 41-year-old Dorzi, despite being stabbed 27 times, managed to get out of the bar and ask for help.

Then passers-by notified the ambulance and the State Police. Although in serious condition, Dorzi testified in the hospital in front of a police officer, where he told the incident and also the identity of the people who attacked him with a knife.

Watch the video below: