Lemshi in the Durrës Cadastre, the new manager replaces professionals with her own people

2023-01-26 19:45:30Fokus SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Cadastre of Durrës

The cadastre of Durrës has often been mentioned by Artan Lame as the most problematic in the country, citing incompetence, corruption and nepotism over the years for the current situation. However, the changes at the end of last year at the head of this cadastre not only do not give any signal for improving the situation, but on the contrary.

The management by the new director of this directorate, Xheni Agolli, has brought a lot of resignations from this institution of specialists, who have not accepted the movements and rotations in the positions assigned by her.

It is suspected that the places of those who are leaving are being filled by it with well-known people, people who have left under suspicion of incompetence and corruption, who are under investigation, convicted, even who have been found with serious violations in the anti-corruption reports of the Ministry of Justice.

In addition, the procedure followed by director Agolli, either in the cases of dismissals or in those of the movement of employees and specialists under his authority, is suspicious. It does not notify them in advance through the severance notice, but replaces them directly with its own people.

We have been contacted by the employees of this department that they are being pressured, intimidated, threatened, and disrespected. They stay overtime only because the director wants it that way. Among the accusations, there are also claims that Agolli stays locked in her office with an ardent supporter of Sali Berisha and in confidential conversations they call the current government the "devil's government".

Concerns have been raised in the General Directorate, the Prime Minister of the country and the Minister of Justice.

Meanwhile, Agolli, on the other hand, has hidden the documents of the Ministry of Justice that prove that at least some of the people she has hired are convicted by court decisions, or dismissed from work for serious violations.

The whole created situation has further increased the problems in this office, where citizens who have been waiting for years to receive documentation are joined by at least 1 thousand others who have applied for the Cadastre services in recent weeks.

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