Why are Albanians divided, know 6 family dramas from the many files in the Court of Tirana

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Entela Resuli

Unemployment, the difficult economic situation, the deterioration of communication and relationships within the family, the lack of serious and long-term objectives, emigration are some of the causes that lead couples to separation.

To see what are the reasons for separations, we have browsed some court decisions to understand something more.

Children remain the main victims.

Here are some details excerpted from the court materials:

1- After the divorce, he discovers that... the last child was not his

In the decision dated 12.03.2015, the plaintiff AB, 54 years old, was married to the citizen FB, from their marriage they had 5 children. After the end of the divorce case, the court decided that the children should be left to the mother for raising, while the father was given the right to see them and the obligation to contribute financially.

But what happened? During the time that the couple was in the proceedings for the dissolution of the marriage, A. followed the movements of his wife and found her company with another person. This made him suspect a relationship between them that might have started before the marriage was settled.

Based on these doubts and in order to prove his conjectures with facts, he asks for DNA tests to be done on the little boy. The tests showed that the child is not his.

The 54-year-old, who happened before such a fact, returns to the Court again. This time, it seeks to dispute the child's paternity, but it did not end there.

Hurt and shocked, a little while later he had doubts about the girl, who might not be his. But the tests showed that the girl was the biological child of the plaintiff AB

After this conclusion, the father asked for the dismissal of the case with the object of disputing paternity for the 15-year-old girl.

From this story, at the age of 54, this man came out divorced and... with one less child.

2-They set up a family business, "when I was expecting my third child, he got involved with one of the workers..."

DD and SD had 22 years of marriage, and 3 grown children. From the decision of the Tirana court dated November 9, we learn that it is the wife who requested the dissolution of the marriage.

They got married in 1994. They have three children born in 1994, 1997, 2010. According to the wife, the problems started after they opened a family business.

At the time when the woman was expecting her third child and was on bed rest, her husband had an extramarital affair with a worker, who was hired by both of them. As soon as I notice this fact, quarrels begin. For this situation, the plaintiff asked for the help of her parents, but nothing was achieved.

He continues the story with his maid while his wife is unable to go to work because of this fact. The woman declares that "even though they haven't lived together for almost two years, he has a negative effect on the children as he completes everything through money, turning them against her".

3-We sold the house for gambling debts, we went to our parents...

Vices, especially gambling, is another cause that leads Albanian families to destruction. This is the case of this couple, who were married in 1996 and are parents of two teenage children, a daughter aged 18 and a son aged 16. It was the wife who approached the court with the request for divorce. The decision is dated March 9.

According to the confession of the plaintiff A. Sh. declared in the decision of the Tirana court, it is said that:

"I met D. in 1994 and we got married in 1996. From our marriage we have two children, a girl and a boy. At the beginning of the marriage, we were good together. Then he had to leave for Italy for work.

After returning he was unemployed for almost three years. Then he got a job in the public administration, at this time I realized that he started gambling a lot. The reason I'm here for a divorce is because he's put the family in really big debt.

The people he owed money to came to the house to ask for the money. We sold a house to buy a smaller one to pay off gambling debts with the difference. Then we also sold the small house, because he had left other lek in gambling and the debtors were threatening. Then we moved to live at my parents' house.

After some time he could no longer accept such a thing and left. Now I have been living without him for 2 years. I took care of the children. Since this period I have had no further contact. The children have told me that he lives with his father. He last contacted me in November 2014. The relationship with the children is not good as he is not interested in them at all. He is unemployed, I have seen him several times in the neighborhood, most of the time he is drunk" - it is written in the woman's statement, according to the court's decision.

Today this couple is separated and the children stay with their mother.

4 – My mother-in-law didn't like me...

In this story, the woman seeking a divorce turns out to be two years older than her husband. The woman, Sh. K. (1979) and IK (1981). In addition to the dissolution of the marriage, she also seeks custody of the son.

Decision number 1547 says that according to the testimony of the 37-year-old, everything started in 2002.

"We met I. in Greece, we fell in love. We had a good first year. But I had a lot of problems with my mother-in-law, she treated me very badly. She did not accept me as her daughter-in-law from the beginning. With many problems, we postponed it for 10-12 years, but now it is no longer worth it.

He didn't like my people at all. We got into huge conflicts with my family until it was pushed no more. Our separation happened in Greece, we don't live together, but I want an official marriage settlement. I live in Greece with my sister, my son lives with his husband. I meet him when he leaves school. I have a very good relationship with my son, he loves me very much.

I ask for the child to be kept by me" - concludes the confession and the first argument, lady.

While the husband, asked by the court, immediately agreed to the choice of marriage, but asked to keep the child himself because of the conditions he created. Even the court has decided the divorce of the parents and left for the upbringing and education of the 11-year-old child, the father.

5 – He changed, he started coming home late...

Parents of two children, son 12 and daughter 10 years old. The decision is dated February 13 and it is the wife who addresses the court with the object of the divorce action.

In the decision, it is shown by E. that in the beginning the two had a very good relationship, shared common interests and excellent communication with each other. In 2003, their son R. was born, and in 2005, their daughter was born.

Both were devoted parents to their children and had a peaceful family life. Then in early 2012 E. states that S.'s behavior began to change. He was more negligent towards his family and came home late. This became very visible and problematic.

E. claims that the income that her husband brought home was becoming very little during this period and the family had problems with the children's school payments since they were studying in a private school. Later she found out that her husband had gambling problems and was spending the income he earned there. Soon she discovers that he had already accumulated very large financial debts due to gambling, and the people to whom S. owed money began to come and ask for the money from his wife and her people.

For these reasons, she decided to end the relationship by asking her husband to leave the house. For the sake of the children, they have maintained a positive relationship, but, by court decision, they are now divorced and the children stay with their mother.

6 - They were fine in Greece, when they came to Albania, they were separated

The decision we have in hand bears the number 1459. The mother of two children has addressed the court with a request for divorce.

RM sued SM In its explanations, the plaintiff claimed that their relationship was very good, after they got married, they went to Greece together, where they lived and worked as immigrants. They have three children, three girls. For 13 years they lived a quiet family life, until two years ago when they returned to Albania.

In Tirana, in the Kombinati area, they have a house built by them with the contribution of joint work. According to the wife, the conflicts started a year ago because the income they had earned in Greece ended and unemployment was a big problem for both of them.

S. could not find a job. Debates between them also arose there, as income was needed to raise and educate the children. At this time S. left the apartment and after a long time he did not return. In these conditions, feeling abandoned, the wife requested a divorce, a request which was approved by the court on February 26...

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