Reshat Arbana, 83 years of an icon

2023-09-15 15:23:56Dhoma e rrëfimit SHKRUAR NGA ENTELA RESULI
Reshat Arbana

By Entela Resuli

"When a man reaches 80 years old, he should call it bravery that he became this far"

One of the most beloved Albanian actors, Reshat Arbana, has a birthday today. He turns 83 years old. This birthday has made him happier since a few months ago his son became a grandfather.

This long-awaited event in his life has sweetened his days.

Arbana, today 83 years old, has had two heart surgeries, but this has not scared her.

"The heart has the ability to give you a second chance in life, it did this with me. "I was torn twice in the chest, but I feel better these days."

In the mornings, he drinks coffee behind the Ministry of Education. There you find him together with his friends.

At first contact he seems rude, but a few minutes of conversation are enough to understand that you are facing not only an icon of Albanian art, but also a man with a white and pure heart.

"By nature I look heavy, but I'm not. I have hung out with all categories of people and I like it that way. I was a worker myself and I love the worker. I will never forget a worker, my friend, who put the slogan on his lathe: Sweat never becomes water, my mother".

Reshat is a proud gentleman drawn into his own revolt. It shows how injustices, lies, fraud, so common in today's Albania, cause tension.

"I get very angry. But imagine how many things go wrong in this country. Often the woman tells me; Why did you take Reshat, you will fix this world. Yes, I am incorrigible, but she has found my wires. It's calm, dear... But I also know how to apologize when I realize I'm wrong. I have the courage to do this too."

These days the health condition of his wife has not been good and this has burdened the actor Arbana.

"When a man reaches 80 years of age, he should call it bravery that he did so. I don't know where it will go anymore. It will go to another world, but in the end it doesn't matter. It's a cycle that will close, anyway.

Until ten years ago, it didn't occur to me, but now when I look at a grave and remember that I knew the Lord, my gaze on his sarcophagus melts and I think about how it has been transformed. I don't suffer much about it. I want to end it with honor and a blank page and say that this man left something behind...".

Vox News wishes the Honor of the Nation, Reshat Arbana, health and peace with his beloved family.

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