Albana Dulellari: In Albanian restaurants, more is invested in the construction of the facade than in the qualification of the staff

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Albana Dulellari

Entela Resuli

It is not very common for a kitchen in Albanian restaurants to be run by a female chef.

This is for several reasons, starting from the physical strength and patience to stand for long hours, which apparently men can handle more.

But Albana Dulellari is an exception. She is a chef and finds him at work every day of the week.

Her story begins in Greece where she immigrated with her family. There he learned the first steps of the profession which serves one of the greatest pleasures that man has; food.

Albana has not left her fate to chance to learn this profession. She has attended different schools and courses to get the right training, to know the ingredients in detail and to understand more about their combination, and above all the nutritional values, as she is not only a cook but also a nutritionist.

 In the "confession room" today we invited Albana Dullellar, where she tells us more about this passion for the kitchen, and above all to tell us how much and how we should eat.

Albana Dulellari: In Albanian restaurants, more is invested in the construction

Where did you start?

"I have a strong connection to the culinary world. I realized that this would be my profession when I began to feel a deep passion for cooking. The origin of my interest is not inherited, but cultivated over time. I pursued this passion through self-directed learning, studying different cuisines and techniques."

I learned valuable skills and techniques from the French culinary school in Athens for two years, and I did continuous training at the "Ferrandi" college in Paris.

Schooling has not been the only form of acquiring knowledge in the process of my professional formation.

I constantly worked on myself and improved my skills through self-improvement. My first job was in a bakery at the age of 16, where I started to build practical experience. Greek cuisine, for me, is rich and varied, and I got from their culture what it is to love and seek fresh taste, which only comes from using fresh ingredients and daring with tons of flavors.

Participating in a television program brought me to Albania. It was a transformative experience that allowed me to share my passion and knowledge. I am currently an Executive Chef and at the same time managing several restaurants. The most recent project that has received my attention in the last two years is "Perfect Food", being in the role of the founder and manager of the project.

Albana Dulellari: In Albanian restaurants, more is invested in the construction

Female bosses at home, men in the restaurant?

- The division of roles between the sexes in Albanian families and restaurants is a cultural norm. However, I believe that both men and women can excel in any role in the kitchen.

The priority that men have in the world of cooking and working in the kitchen is the physical strength that the work process requires, mentioning here the weights, standing and many, many other processes that make it a little more difficult for women, being a profile with subtle. The extended hours also knowing that the woman has several profiles, mentioning the role of the mother, makes it difficult to stay with the schedules that the kitchen profile often requires.

Working with both male and female chefs in the kitchen presents its own unique challenges and benefits. It's about teamwork and shared passion.

However, we have noticed that there are many young people interested in a career in the kitchen. Both genders show enthusiasm and it's great to see a diverse range of people wanting to learn and succeed in this field.

Albana Dulellari: In Albanian restaurants, more is invested in the construction

The diet we need

-"I entered the field of dietetics because of my passion for holistic wellness. Balancing food and diet is essential to overall health. Both fields can coexist, providing a more holistic approach to wellness.

Balancing nutritious and satisfying meals is possible with careful choices. It's all about moderation and being aware of what you consume."

Let's take a look at the restaurants in our country, what do they offer and what should they improve? Albana criticizes but also takes care to appreciate where it is necessary:

"In Albanian restaurants, there is room for improvement in sustainability and innovation. Careful attention to quality, service and authenticity can elevate the dining experience.

There is room to grow in terms of menu diversification and refining service. Attention to detail and continuous improvement are essential. Something that is not commonly found in Albanian restaurants is the use of innovative techniques and international fusion. However, Albanian restaurants excel in offering traditional dishes made with authentic ingredients and recipes passed down through the generations. The contrast continues with the numerous investments in the visual aspect and not in the technical aspect in functionality or staff qualification.

Albana Dulellari: In Albanian restaurants, more is invested in the construction

Cooking as an art

Albana does not deny that Greek cuisine has influenced her formation, but on the other hand, the knowledge she has acquired while studying has made her more comprehensive.

"My origin is from Korça, and I definitely cannot miss the traditional dishes of Korça as favorite foods. I am inspired by the rich and full flavors, combining them with Mediterranean, French, Greek, Italian cuisines, not to forget and Asians.

The courage to incorporate elements from different cuisines in my menu creations has been and will be one of the details that has given me success in hitting the taste buds.

My culinary creations span different cuisines. It mixes Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, often experimenting with fusion dishes. This allows me to create unique and exciting dining experiences. My desire is to continue to expand my skills in the kitchen and beyond, to share knowledge and inspire others to appreciate the art of cooking.

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