A priest in the "confession room"/ Father Nikoll Xhufka: Today people suffer from poverty

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Father Nikola Xhufka

Entela Resuli

Father Nikolla Xhufka is a young man who, without many dilemmas, one day decided to become an Orthodox priest.

He spent his childhood in the cobblestones and alleys of the city of Elbasan and keeps very beautiful memories from that time.

His family did not have a strong relationship with religion, but as he dug through the generations he discovered that his father's grandfather was a priest. This is related to the desire and commitment that Father Nikoll Xhufka has towards the faith he practices.

He says he serves in an ancient 1500-year-old church, which according to him is the only catacomb church in the Balkans located in Elbasan.

In some media appearances that he has had, a different way of communication from other priests has been noticed. Xhufka is often outspoken and boldly speaks his mind.


"Talking about myself is difficult, but I can say that I am a calm person and that I make decisions very carefully. My childhood was wonderful. I was born in the Elbasan castle and I grew up on the cobblestones of this castle.

I was a very, very stupid child, so much so that in elementary school I used to imitate the school teachers and skip lessons. I was a child who didn't leave two stones behind," Xhufka tells Vox News.

He further tells us how his relationship with religious faith was born.

"To tell the truth, it's not that my family is very religious, but my father's grandfather was a priest and apparently... a genius.

It is not that one fine day I decided to become a believer or a Cleric, but I grew up with the Orthodox faith as a child. I had a very faithful neighbor and apparently she did her job."

-Does it take not only faith but also courage to take such a step?

Look, I've never had dilemmas because when you set a goal for yourself, you don't have dilemmas, just faith and courage to move forward. On the contrary, today as we speak, not only do I have no dilemmas, but I feel all the support of my nation and I am grateful.

My family never agreed for me to become a Cleric because they told me that you will have a difficult future and without much money and earnings.

My day starts with people and ends with people, so I am with people all the time, of course there are days when I can be alone, but most of the time is in the church with believers and visitors.

The thing I have given up saying is only one thing: I like animals a lot, I really want to deal with them, but unfortunately I don't have much time to dedicate to them.

My wish is to have an Albanian National Church without Greek influence in our motherland.

Religious harmony, false or true?

When it comes to religious leaders, Father Nikoll Xhufka has his reservations, which he often expresses openly.

"My relationship with believers of other religions is excellent, but with their religious leaders, not because they are hypocrites.

"Religious harmony does not exist, it is just a fake thing that has been injected by politics and some priests who don't know where the donkey is tied."

What worries him nowadays is politics without a plan for the future, while what he has seen and heard that people suffer the most is poverty.

"I am concerned about politics, we have a low-level politics with politicians without vision and short-sightedness.

The solution is easy; A new generation must come.

I notice that young people turn away from God instead of getting closer, they think of it as old fashion, but a moment will come when they will turn their eyes away from faith, from the Church....!"

Being in daily contact with people, he manages to identify even the biggest problem that our society has today.

"Actually, we Orthodox do not confess to the priest, but I can say that the biggest problem is poverty"

One of the ways to get out of this situation is prayer...pray with your heart, don't have hatred, peace is where a soul has no hatred".

Father Nikoll Xhufka often creates debate on social networks or even on television appearances.

"I have no conflict with anyone, they think they are wise and maybe they are wise because they buy knowledge while I gain knowledge. They are Greek and serve the Greek, their mind is on money, they sell mother and father for lek and not the Nation But what can we do...! An old expression says: Greek o Greek o maskara.

Look, I like to say things openly without complexes and without shame or shyness. I even like it when they say conflicting because it shows that my word and that of the Church is well heard by the chauvinist and anti-Albanian Greek Church. I tell the truth as it is, who doesn't like it.....it may close your ears but the scream of the truth rings like an alarm bell everywhere!"

He further tells about the church where he serves: The church is ancient, 1500 years old, it has been a church that has functioned as such for centuries and is the only catacomb church in the Balkans, but unfortunately the state does not put water on fire at all.

The creation of a family is also in Father Nikol Xhufka's plans.

"I definitely want to create a family, but I don't know when, only God knows."

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