Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does exist. Here are the warning signs

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Breast cancer is a disease that usually affects women and is an often overlooked topic when it comes to men, who can also develop the disease, albeit at a much lower rate.

For some reason, breast cancer in men is often diagnosed at a later stage than in women.

"Male breast cancer tends to be more aggressive and more advanced compared to female breast cancer," US health experts say.

Since male breast cancer is a rare diagnosis, it's not on most people's minds – and many men don't even know they can physically develop the disease.

This means that it is essential that they are aware of the signs of breast cancer and know if they have any risk factors. Here, experts share the warning signs and what you should know about the disease.

A lump can be a sign of breast cancer.

A new lump in the breast area is a common sign of breast cancer. This can look like a small lump the size of a pea and is often the sign that leads to a diagnosis of cancer in men.

Nipple and skin changes are also cause for concern.

When your nipple suddenly inverts, it's a worrying sign of male breast cancer. In general, any change in the skin in the chest area should be a red flag. By the time you notice lumps or skin changes, the cancer is likely already advanced.

Estrogen use also puts people at higher risk.

People who use estrogen for any type of medical treatment or procedure are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

This may be true for transgender women undergoing gender-affirmation procedures and for people undergoing hormone treatments for certain medical conditions.

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