Vaccine, genetic factor or pollution, what causes autism?

2024-02-21 21:34:21Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Vaccine genetic factor or pollution, what causes autism

In Albania, there is often a debate about the possibility of the spread of autism caused by vaccines among children. But studies showed that vaccines had no such negative effect. The claims were unfounded and have often been considered conspiracy theories.

"Studies have been carried out and it has been discovered that there is no connection with any type of vaccine with what we call autism spectrum disorders", said the epidemiologist, Ilir Alimehmeti

Environmental factors, air pollution are listed as main elements in causing a number of diseases. All over the world studies are being conducted on each element. In our country, despite high numbers of people with autism being reported, we are far from taking measures and evaluating the influencing factors.

"It has been noticed more in recent years, but the growth was seen long ago. They can be different pollutants of the air, water, food chain, but mainly the air,' said the epidemiologist, Ilir Alimehmeti.

Is pollution a factor in the massive spread of autism in Vaun e Deja? What do geological maps reveal?

There are several deposits of metallic and non-metallic minerals in the municipality of Vau i Deja. Here we mention deposits of copper, magnesium, clay, dolomite, mercury or mercury as it is otherwise known. This is considered a dangerous substance with serious health effects if it spreads in the environment. Even other substances, if spread through surface or underground waters, can become quite toxic.

Copper deposits are observed in the north-eastern part of Vaut i Deja, on the border with the municipality of Pukë. In Koman there are two deposits of copper and mercury. Magnesium deposits are observed in the Shllak unit, on the Gzhopra mountain. It should be noted that in the municipality of Vau i Deja, the copper beneficiation factory in Mjedë operated, which was closed in 2005.

Apart from the copper beneficiation plant, several mines have been operated such as the mercury extraction mine in Koman, the magnesium extraction mine in the Shllak unit. Today, two copper mines are still active in Karma. Meanwhile, there are some entities that have active mining permits for the use of some areas. In Karma, two permits have been granted, one of which is for the exploitation of shale, the other for the exploration and discovery of copper. In Bushat and Melgushë, permits have been granted for the exploitation of clay quarries, and in Fšatin e Ri for the exploitation of limestone. These data were made public in an in-depth analysis of this territory in 2017.

Inside Story was in Gomsiqe, where traces of the magnesium mine that was active many years ago are still visible. As happens almost all over Albania, the mining galleries remain open even when there is no activity. When there is heavy rain, the water takes with it all the mineral particles that flow into the stream. The chemical composition of the waters is mainly calcined magnesium bicarbonate, as cited in an assessment report. According to the residents, the water flowing into the stream takes on a different color. Same as rust because the rocks have iron content. Being a problem that only deepens that of autism, the spread of toxic substances through water and the environment, is considered one of the points of doubt about the situation in the area.

"From the environment we get some kind of explosive effects so that these genes give their function and lead as a result to the appearance of the autism spectrum", said the epidemiologist, Ilir Alimehmeti.