The boyfriend of the POLICE officer, Endri Nika, was arrested after the 21-year-old's SUICIDE!

2024-05-27 11:45:26Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Aldorjana Loshi

The Tirana court has released from the cell the 28-year-old Endri Nika , who was arrested on Saturday for the criminal offense " Actions that prevent the discovery of the truth " after the suicide of the 21-year-old police officer, Aldorjana Loshi .

After the request of the defense lawyer to relax the security measure, the court decided to leave Endri Nikan under "house arrest", who according to the police went to Aldorjana Loshi 's apartment on the day of the incident and after informing the police about the incident, deleted the messages with him on her phone.

At the hearing, the defense side requested "compulsion to appear", however the court decided to leave him under house arrest.