The arrest of the police officer in Fier and 3 other people, AMP also seizes drugs

2024-05-27 11:30:24Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The Police Surveillance Agency (Fier-Berat Region), in the framework of the proactive investigation with special methods, which was finalized during the operation dated 24.05.2024 with the arrest of a police officer Lorenc Gropa and also Klevis Gropa, Ledjon Gropan and Skerdilajd Levendi , they also seized drugs.

It is learned that 500 grams of suspected narcotic substance Cannabis Sattiva was found in the premises rented by the officer.

From the investigations of the AMP, it was found that the police officer was using the apartment with the intention of storing narcotics.