They got stuck with the vehicle in Osum, two people were saved in Poliçan

2024-05-27 09:44:55Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
View from the scene

A serious event was recorded during the early hours of the morning in the village of Malinat in the municipality of Poliçan.

A vehicle, type Ford Fuoristradë, with license plate AA 357 LN, in an attempt to cross the river between the villages of Mbrakull and Malinat, got stuck in the water.

Currents and river flow have taken the SUV forward, sinking it. It is learned that the driver of the vehicle was able to get out of the vehicle and swam to the shore to seek help, while the other two citizens who were traveling with him in the vehicle: Ilir Ballolli, Taulant Bakushi, were caught on the car's roof. .

After the alert received about the event at 02:30 in the morning, many Berat Fire Department and police officers went to the area, which made it possible to save the lives of the residents trapped in the middle of the river Osum. .

The two trapped citizens were first located by the firefighters, who entered the river by swimming, tied them with a rope and then started pulling them out of the water.

During the action to rescue two citizens, a member of the Berat fire brigade seriously risked his life, as the strong currents of the river pulled him downstream.