Ahmetaj's villa under seizure! The decision of the Constitutional Court to overturn the ex-wife's request for the removal of the measure is clarified

2024-05-26 19:55:08Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ex-wife Albina Maçka and Arben Ahmetaj

The Constitutional Court clarified another decision related to SPAK's investigations against former Deputy Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj, who has been on the run for ten months and with security measures in his absence.

The Constitutional Court rejected the request of Elda Dinaj, friend of Albina Mancka, the latter ex-wife of Arben Ahmetaj, whose name was registered on March 17, 2023 as a person under investigation for corruption of officials, concealment of assets and money laundering. Dinaj had requested the annulment of the preventive seizure announced by the lower courts against 1 villa in Green Coast resulting in the name of the plaintiff.

The Constitutional Court says that the sequestration of property is done by law and responds to the public interest as long as it is applied within the framework of an investigation being carried out by SPAK. The Constitutional Court adds about the villa in Palasa, recalling the court decisions that underline that there is a reasonable doubt that this property was settled with illegal income and that it is not the property of Elda Dinaj.

But a hidden asset of Ahmetaj under investigation and his ex-wife. "Since there is a risk of asset alienation, the imposition of preventive sequestration was done in order to prevent any possible transfer until the end of the open process," the constitutionalist further declares. The decision repeats the decisions of the lower levels that refer to the sales contracts with Interte Express and the data of the Tims system, where it comes to light that Dinaj was not in Albania on the day he signed.

The sale value of the villa was 300,000 euros, and it had to be liquidated in installments within a year. Meanwhile, the company decided to sell the villa for almost 87 thousand euros less than what it had received. The first payment paid was seen by the special appeal as an action for the transfer of ownership to the petitioner Dinaj, that it was made in cooperation with the deputy under investigation and his ex-wife. This creates the suspicion that the MP has cleaned corruption money through the transfer of property rights./Top Channel