Border Police, checks on watercraft on the coast, two "Jet Skis" are blocked in Durrës

2024-05-26 16:13:27Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Jet Ski blocked by Police

The Border Police has carried out checks on vessels along the coastline to verify the implementation of the law and navigation rules, as the season is starting.

As a result of the checks in Durrës, two Jet Skis were found, which turned out to be without documentation and therefore blocked.

The police also fined each of their leaders with an administrative measure of 10,000 lek.

Police notification:

Plan of measures for the exercise of intensive controls along the entire coast line, to the vessels, mainly to those of entertainment, to verify the implementation of the law and the rules of navigation.

In implementation of the plan of measures, the Border Police and the Maritime Police Unit have started intensive controls along the entire coastline, lake and river, for the verification of the documentation of the vessels.

As a result of controls in Durrës, by the Maritime Police Unit and the Border Police, 2 jet skis were found. During the verification of the documentation, it turned out that none of the vessels had documentation, and for this reason the Border Police blocked both vessels, as well as fined each of their drivers 10,000 lek with an administrative measure.

The Border Police appeals to owners and users of watercraft, to correctly implement the legal requirements for going out to sea, for equipment with the relevant documentation and respect for the safety zones of vacationers on the beaches.

The Border Police and the Maritime Police Unit are maximally engaged to guarantee safety on the beaches and in this context, they will intensify controls and monitoring from land and sea, of the entire coastline.

We invite citizens to report to the free number 112, any case of illegality, guaranteeing anonymity, quick and professional response.