The Traffic Police of Tirana takes stock: 9 arrested and 11,889 administrative measures in 1 week

2024-05-26 10:34:50Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Nine arrested and thousands of fines/ The police do not tolerate disobedient drivers

The Traffic Police of Tirana has taken stock of the week we are leaving behind, May 19-25.

In a press release, the police informs that 9 arrests and criminal proceedings were carried out during the past week. Specifically:

4 people for driving under the influence of alcohol.

1 person for driving without a license.

4 people for violating traffic rules.

As for administrative measures, 11,889 such measures have been imposed, an average of 1,698 per day:

63 measures for black glasses.

608 measures for speeding over the permitted rates.

330 measures for mobile phone use while driving.

587 measures for not wearing a seat belt.

19 measures for disobeying the "Stop" signal.

704 measures for not giving priority to citizens.

8089 measures for wrong posture.

Suspensions and blockages:

9 cases of suspension for driving under the influence of alcohol.

55 cases of speeding.

13 different cases

12 vehicles were blocked, including 4 with foreign license plates.