"Now it's your turn", the journalist: Vis Martinaj was told a week before the disappearance

2024-05-26 21:36:05Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervis Martinaj

Journalist Igli Çelmeta has discovered that Ervis Martinaj had received a message a few days before he disappeared.

Invited to the column "Kjo Javë" on News24, Çelmeta said that after the execution of his cousin, Brilant Martinaj, Ervis Martinaj threatened him and told him "it's your turn now".

According to Çelmeta, the State Police knows the truth about Ervis Martinaj but does not say it because it involves not only members of criminal groups, but also operatives and people from politics.

" After several serious criminal events, the murder of the cousin on July 17, the assassination of Ylli Ibrahimi's right-hand man, and 1 week later, the State Police also has this information, they have spoken to Ervis Martinaj, threatening him, said that "it's your turn now". Several criminal gangs have joined forces, there is also the implication of the State Police in this event, whose employees.

The State Police knows the truth about Ervis Martinaj but does not say it. Ervis Martinaj's truth connects many areas besides organized crime, gambling and State Police, it also connects politics. Two years have passed since the disappearance of Ervis Martinaj. The truth of Ervis Martinaj will be left a mystery, it will not be clarified.

There are many police officials, its leaders who took tribute from Martinaj who controlled gambling and wanted to be invulnerable by controlling the territory. The involvement of Police leaders means that this event is not revealed, " said Çelmeta.

Ervis Martinaj has been missing since August 9, 2022, and until now, his fate is a mystery. He was declared wanted, as part of the "Golden Bullet" operation, after the repentant justice Nuredin Dumani said that he had offered him a "blank check" in exchange for the "head" of Indri Dokles.