PLAS fight in the KLP/Clash from the emergency meeting, the member Seiti retorts with the vice president, Bazaj: It's over with you too!

2024-05-27 11:38:55Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

After the termination of the vetting for the chairman of KLP,  Alfred Balla , the meeting was called this Monday to decide to vote for the end of his mandate.

The meeting is chaired by the vice president Tartar Bazaj , while the president of KLP, Alfred Balla, is absent .

"I am forced to call this meeting, I don't feel comfortable at all. We are ten members, Mr. Balla is absent", said Bazaj.

While Bazaj said that Balla's mandate has ended, the member Nurihan Seiti replied that her mandate has also ended.

"You are in a conflict of interest, vote! Alfred Balla has responsibility and professionalism", she said.

Alfred Balla leads the KLP from the moment Gent Ibrahimi's mandate ended, while he previously held the position of vice president of the Council.

Balla's mandate as a member of the KLP has ended for several months, but he continues to remain in office until the moment when the new members will be elected, from the ranks of civil society.