"It was the biggest mistake of my life", the 68-year-old Greek executed the young Albanian after a conflict over the parking lot: I apologize

2023-09-19 13:20:08Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The 68-year-old Greek man who killed a 39-year-old Albanian with a shotgun at noon on Friday (September 15) in Piraeus, after a conflict over the parking lot, has been remanded in custody.

The Greek media write that the 68-year-old appeared repentant in front of the court, while apologizing for the serious crime.

"I regret. I sincerely apologize, it was the biggest mistake of my life. And for this I wish my punishment", he allegedly declared.

Also, it is learned that the authorities have requested the performance of psychiatric expertise on the elderly.

How did the event happen?

The Albanian was shot dead with two bullets in the face by a 68-year-old man with whom he had ongoing conflicts.

The Albanian was taken to the Zaneio hospital but did not manage to survive his injuries, losing his life.

It is known that the victim was a father of three children and worked in the parking lot where the fight happened.

Witnesses said that the 68-year-old often displayed aggressive behavior and asked the victim for a parking space in the parking lot where the young man worked.

After the debate, the author went to his apartment, took the gun and shot the Albanian to death in cold blood.