With PHOTOS/ Here are the educators and the cook who ALLEGEDLY raped the 3-year-old in the nursery school!

2023-09-19 13:15:06Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

A serious incident took place in a nursery school in Fushë Kosovë, where a 3-year-old boy was raped by the teachers.

The event took place in a public nursery and was reported by the minor's uncle, who also published a video showing the violence.

According to family members, the minor is brutally abused not only by the educators, but also by the cook and the cleaner of the nursery.

" One's name is Shkurta, I don't know the names of the others, " the mother of the 3-year-old said today to "Albania Live".

Dear media and parents! I want to share with you something terrible that just happened in Fushë-Kosovo, in the state nursery school "Our Joy", my favorite nephew Lisi, only 3 years old, was brutally beaten.

Look at the cameras where you can clearly see that he is being beaten at the door, then dragged away, then they send him back to a room without cameras and beat him mercilessly by the 2 "teachers" of this nursery together with the cleaner or the cook!

My nephew has suffered severe psychological trauma and can no longer sleep, the nephew is experiencing great anxiety. I ask the justice bodies to do their job. Such idiots and samples must be put to an end once and for all.

Let this be the last case of violence against children. Such bullies have no place in education ", the family member wrote above the video.