Blendi Gonxhe publishes photos of the old building: Balliu junior loves the DPSHTRR institution

2023-09-19 09:02:50Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Blendi Gonxhe, Klevis Balliu (Photo montage)

Blendi Gonxhe, the head of DPSHTRR, has responded to Klevis Balli's accusations regarding the new building of the institution he leads. Balliu earlier accused Gonxhe of building the new DPSHTRR building at a price of 1350 euros per square meter.

Gonxhe describes the accusations "received from abusive portals" as a smear on a legal procedure for the construction of an ambitious national work.

He goes on to say that there is no complex to defend or justify anything, even more so when the procedure in question is completely verifiable and in accordance with the legislation in force.

Full post by Blendi Gonxhe 

Balliu JR's Communist Saturday in the DP pulpit of Non Grata!

Not for Saliu, nor for Fahri, from whom it is a pride to be accused, but for public transparency and in respect of the DPSHTRR team, I clarify that the next accusation on the investment of the central building of the General Directorate of Road Transport Services in Tirana, according to the project of the internationally renowned architect, Stefano Boeri, it is nothing more than a clay discharge on a legal procedure for the construction of an ambitious national work, a Landmark for the capital and motive of inspiration and technological prestige!

Ignorance and banality, unfortunately the refrain in the agenda of the PD of Saliu, cannot spoil the work of an entity like DPSHTRR, which, thanks to good administration, received no budget funding in a record time frame, including emergencies and the pandemic, after it has transformed part of throughout the country, the service manages to generate self-financed funds for the headquarters of the Albanian Automotive Industry, with a modern engineering standard!

Apologizing to construction professionals, I am now lowering the conversation to the level of "opposition" technicalities:

Scandal! Gonxja is building for 1,350 Euro m2! No, the number is not correct! If we continue in Euro, the procured cost is 1,262 Euro m2! But to this Balliu JR must subtract:
- Demolition, evacuation of the existing structure, damaged by earthquakes and irreparable, expertized by the Institute of Construction, currently a risk of constructive instability;
- Total furnishing of the facility, offices, halls, lobby and service areas;
-Installation of total air conditioning equipment;
- Installation of fire fighting systems and equipment;
- Relocating the premises of the central servers to a new temporary location;
-Total lighting systems, monitoring;

Thus, the construction cost results in 946.5 Euros per m2, including VAT! Or at 789 Euro per m2 without VAT!

Since the heart of Balliu JR beats in Astiri, the reference point for m2, I also remind you that the cost-effectiveness of civil construction derives from buildings of 10-12 floors, that is, more than twice the object (public building) of DPSHTRR (only 5 floors above ground). , where the underground parking floors are also translated into the reduction of the average cost per m2 because they are usually sold, unlike in the case of the two underground floors with 40 parking spaces and the constructive reinforcements of the DPSHTRR facility! The prices of commercial floors and shops also have an impact!

I, my team and DPSHTRR have no complex to defend or justify anything, even more so when the procedure in question is completely verifiable for the items, volumes, standards and supplies it includes. The practice is subject to constant audits and controls, developed in accordance with the legislation in force and under the competition of operators!

PS: Regarding the other accusations of Communist Saturday, partly copy paste of abusive portals, to which I have responded, some for years in a row, my reaction follows, without affecting the weekends and without taking precious time from the official work schedule, divided the treatment of integral mud into packages: "Family" and "DPSHTRR"! ??????

(In the images, the current "headquarters" of DPSHTRR, the legacy of DP and LSI, in embarrassing conditions for a national institution, ugly with unauthorized additions on the sidewalk, which I found without a single palm of land around registered ownership, lost even the threshold, also the functional yard, even "forgotten" without registering even the spot under the building, much desired for the building, today entirely the property of DPSHTRR after we nationalized it and correctly registered it in the National Register of Civil Engineers!)