E BUJSHME / Family member submits to SPAK the code used by Ervis Martinaj in the "SKY" application

2023-09-18 17:03:30Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Ervis Martinaj

A relative of the family of gambling businessman Ervis Martinaj, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances a year ago, is said to have presented himself to SPAK, handing over some codes of the "Sky" application that were used by Martinaj. before he disappeared.

For more than a year, SPAK has been conducting investigations against Martinaj for three criminal files. But up to this stage no clue has been revealed to find out if the 38-year-old is still alive or dead.

In the hope of discovering the mystery of his fate or even the identification of the last people he talked to on "Sky".

" Ora News " learns that the family members have submitted some application codes, which were used by Martinaj during the period when "Sky" was operational.

The delivery to SPAK has been completed, as this prosecutor received from the Belgian and French authorities, several months ago, all the codes that were used by Albanian citizens. The relatives of Martinaj hope that through "SKY" they will discover additional details that may lead to the discovery of any data that will serve to clarify the event.

Exactly on August 9, 2022, the 41-year-old lost contact with his social and family circle, which led to the fact that the day after, on August 10, his uncle Rakip Martinaj reported to the Laçi police, the case of losing contact with his nephew.

Shijaku was his last stop, entering the apartment of an AA acquaintance

Shijak keeps hidden the mystery of whether Ervis Martinaj is alive or they killed him. For a period of 1 year, the name of Ervis Martinaj has aroused curiosity, dividing the public opinion, the media and the police, between the mystery of whether he is alive or dead.

The prosecutor's office of Laçi and then that of Lezha have been conducting investigations for the charge of "Kidnapping and disappearance of a person" for 1 year. But until this stage it has not been possible to find any evidence or signal about the fate of the man who lived between the world of gambling and Organized Crime.

The last people who accompanied Ervis Martinaj from Tirana to Durrës and vice versa, were his girlfriend Sadete Kokomani and the police officer, Jeton Lami. The latter was arrested for "Abuse of duty" and then sentenced by the Lezha court to two years and 10 days in prison.