"He hit him several times with a screwdriver", Ilir Dervishi did not die from the accident in Italy, he was killed by another Albanian (NAME)

2023-09-19 07:53:32Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Details of the death of the Albanian Ilir Dervishi, in Italy, are revealed. Neighboring media reports that Dervish's abdominal wounds were not from a car accident.

After the first check by the doctors, it was understood that the Albanian was the victim of a murder. Confirming the suspicions of the officers, after the intervention, it was discovered that the 47-year-old Albanian, before the accident, had been hit in the stomach.

The blows caused are suspected to have occurred as a result of an attack with a screwdriver. A death for which the driver of the car, Miri Gurra, also a 34-year-old Albanian, arrested on Sunday for murder, is already accused. 

The accident on the A13 happened shortly after 9 am, on the stretch of the motorway towards Bologna, which runs along the Navile district. The car in which the two Albanians were traveling, a Renault Capture, had collided with the car in front, ending up on the side of the road. 

The 34-year-old was not injured, but Dervashi died. The condition of the body immediately raised suspicions. The traffic police immediately notified the guardian prosecutor Michela Guidi.

The hypothesis is that an argument may have broken out between the two men, the reasons for which have not been revealed. And in this context of anger, Gurra, grabbing the first thing he saw, i.e. a screwdriver found in the passenger cabin, repeatedly hit Dervash in the stomach. At this stage he may have lost control of the car, ending up hitting the car in front of him.

Gurra, at the conclusion of the investigations, was arrested for murder and escorted to Dozza. He did not say a word, neither to the officers nor to the prosecutors. The possibility of old grudges may have caused strife.