PICTURES/ "E ç'na q...u", the PHOTOS of Nuredin Dumani with a super-can and an Israeli "BUL" pistol appear!

2023-09-19 10:35:15Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Nuredin Dumani

Previously unpublished photographs of SPAK's associate, Nuredin Dumani, as he uses modern weaponry such as Kallanikov, Israeli "BUL M-5" pistol, Austrian "Glock" and even "TT" are released.

The photos and the video were discovered by SPAK, as the officers of the National Bureau of Investigation and the prosecutors ordered the computer expertise of the telephone seized from Duman on March 29, 2022 in Fier.

At the end of the examination, the investigators have discovered several videos where Nuredin Dumani appears in a channel, shooting with a super-kalash equipped with a silencer, optical binoculars and a short barrel.

The photos were taken between March 28 and 29, just one day before Nuredin Dumani and Henrik Hoxhaj traveled from Elbasan to Elbasan, with the aim of killing Kastriot Kila alias "Otin of Elbasan".

Experts have found a 29-second video, where, as seen in the footage, Nuredin Dumani appears with a hood on his head and mechanically tests two Kalashnikov assault rifles and two "Glock" and "BUL M-5" pistols of modern Israeli production.

In this never-before-seen footage, Duman performs maneuvers, improvising a gun attack, and fires blank shots. Three cartoons can be seen in the photo.

In the 4th second, says the expert report, Henrik Hoxhaj is heard saying: " ...Who is psychic with weapons... ".

Meanwhile, a third person, still unidentified by SPAK, is heard telling Nuredin Dumani to lower the handle of the machine gun.

As Duman tries the weapons, in the 23rd second of the video, a voice is heard, which resembles the voice of Henrik Hoxhaj, saying: " ...E ç'na q...u and " ...don't fill it... ".

Also, at this moment, the voice of a third unidentified person is heard saying to Duman " ...don't load the gun... ".

While in another 14-second video, Nuredin Dumani appears on March 28, near a water channel, holding a machine gun with a silencer and filling it.

The place is not known, but the man who filmed Dumani is Henrik Hoxhaj, who tells him "... Ready ...".

After that, Dumani is filmed performing shooting maneuvers with the automatic weapon. While in this other photo with the number plate with No. 3, it shows the super-automatic that RENEA seized from Nuredin Duman at the head, in the apartment where he was hiding in Fier.

Ora writes that he was able to discover photos of two high-precision pistols used by Nuredin Dumani, who has already been charged with several serious crimes, but until this stage where the case is reached, he continues to be the collaborator of the special prosecution. SPAK.

The photo table presented below shows the economic potential and ease of obtaining modern weapons, which Nuredin Dumani was able to find within a short time.