"Two children drowned, while Alma and the other...", the answer of the toxicological analysis for the tragedy in Shkodër comes out.

2024-06-18 16:20:35Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The mother with 3 children ended her life in Shkodër

The cause of death of Alma Arraz's two children was drowning. This is the conclusion of the Institute of Forensic Medicine, while the answer is still awaited for Alma Arraz and one of her children.

The journalist of "Jetë Shqiptare", Aida Topalli, also informed that, according to the toxicological analysis, it turns out that the mother and the 3 children did not consume any kind of substance that had an impact on taking the tragic act of suicide.

"The Institute of Forensic Medicine has sent the Shkodra Prosecutor's Office the answer to the toxicological analyzes of the 4 victims, from which it was found that they did not consume any type of substance that influenced the final act. Also, the answer came from the Institute of Medicine for the two children of Alama Arraz that the cause of death was drowning and that no type of violence was found. We are waiting for the results of the tests on the cause of death of Alma Arraz and one of her children", said the journalist Topalli.

Alma Arrazi drowned herself in the waters of the Buna River together with her 3 minor children, an event that shocked public opinion. The cause of this act undertaken by Alma Arrazi is suspected to have been domestic violence, while her husband, Erdgys Arrazi, is in prison.