Hije SCANDAL/ The University of Tirana awards a tender of millions of lek to the company of the Rector's uncle, Artan Hoxha!

2024-06-18 12:10:07Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

The shadows of the scandal have engulfed the University of Tirana. 

Former Deputy-Minister of Education and scientific researcher Taulant Muka has denounced that the University's Board of Administration has awarded a tender of millions of lek to the company of Rector Artan Hoxha's uncle.

According to the documents published by Muka, the company of the rector's uncle Artan Hoxha has benefited about 200 thousand euros from the tender.

This scandal comes after the one where Rector Artan Hoxha and the dean of the Faculty of Law had plagiarized their doctoral theses where they received the respective titles of "Doctor of Science".

Regarding the plagiarism of Rector Artan Hoxha and Dean Dorina Hoxha, even though the situation is flagrant, there is no official reaction from the competent institutions.

The elections are on June 21 and the Institutions are sleeping.

Below are the tenders awarded to Morava Publishing House, which is owned by Artan Hoxha's uncle.

Although the financial aspects are dealt with by the UT Administrator and the Board of Administration, they obviously favored the Rector's uncle by giving him about 200,000 Euro tenders./ Hour