"Project conceived by the Prime Minister", the Polish painter "colors" the Kapshtica border crossing point!

2024-06-18 13:54:48Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
Maria-Rosa Szychowska

The Pole, Maria-Rosa Szychowska , has been painting a mural at the Kapshtica border crossing for several days.

The young painter said that she is in Kapshtica, after being contacted by the Ministry of Culture, as part of a project conceived by the Prime Minister himself.

The work carried out according to the Polish is in relation to nature and the surrounding environment with this border point.

"It was a project and I was contacted on the Internet, a tourism project conceived by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Culture, financed by the customs points themselves, I was also contacted by the Municipality of Tirana and here I am." 

"I'm painting flowers and nature, to bring color to buildings that were not attractive."

Maria-Rosa Szychowska has only been to our capital once and never to other areas of Albania, but what impresses her is the hospitality she has found.

After Kapshtica, the painter announces that she will also create a mural at the Qafë Thana border crossing point.

"I am a young artist, I like to paint in different places. After Kapshtica, I will also paint in Qafë Thane. Albania is wonderful, the people are very hospitable, the view is very beautiful and the food is very delicious."

The painting is being realized in the front part of the customs building of Kapshtica and has considerable dimensions.