A 29-year-old police officer is arrested in Rinas, here's what she's accused of

2023-09-26 15:55:00Aktualitet SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
A 29-year-old police officer is arrested in Rinas, here's what she's

A police officer in Rinas has been detained by the Police Supervision Agency after being accused of several criminal offences.

The officer with the initials SK, 29 years old, is suspected of having helped a person by removing his car from the "Alert" status in the police system. She is suspected of taking bribes and is now accused of abuse of office, corruption and tampering with computer data.

AMP Notice:

The Police Oversight Agency arrests a police officer on duty in the Security Section, in the Rinas Police Station.

The Police Supervision Agency (Shkodër-Lezhë Region) in cooperation with the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction of Lezhë has detained the police officer Inspector SK, 29 years old, with the duty of Body Service in the Security Section, in the Police Station of Rinas Police, DVP Tirana, as it is suspected of committing the criminal offenses "Abuse of duty", "Passive corruption of persons exercising public functions" and "Interference in computer data".

The arrest of the police officer was carried out after becoming aware of an irregularity in the procedure of closing the practice for the removal from the 'Alert' status of the vehicle owned by the LK citizen

AMP remains committed to its mission of guaranteeing the implementation of the law and invites citizens to report any case of abuse or violation of the law by employees of the State Police, the Republic Guard or the Fire Service, by calling the number 08009090 for free.