Tottenham and Conte towards divorce, formalization is expected

2023-03-21 09:21:36Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Antonio Conte's adventure at the head of the Tottenham bench has come to an end.

According to Italian media reports, the parties have decided on the separation, which is expected to be formalized during this week.

After the manager's "explosion" last Saturday for the draw against Southampton, with Conte accusing the players of the lack of results, the "divorce" accelerated, with owner Levy demanding the departure of the Italian technician.

The coach, whose contract expired on June 30, had already expressed his will not to renew with "Spurs", and thus the London leaders decided to close this matter earlier.

Levy may have realized that the manager-squad rift was irreparable and has decided to rush to fight for fourth place in the Premier League standings, the last place worth qualifying for the Champions League.

Conte, after giving the squad two days off, returned to Italy to join his family and at this point he will return to London just to empty the cupboard and say goodbye to Tottenham's players and staff .