Sassuolo win at home/ Bajrami and his friends "destroy" Juventus

2023-09-23 20:20:37Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX

Sassuolo got a big win at home against Juventus with a deep score of 4-2.

The first to take the lead were the locals through Lauriente, where Juve's Polish goalkeeper made an unforgivable mistake. The tie came in the 21st minute, where an own goal by Vina turned the balance.

The celebration did not last long, as near the end of the first half, Berardi put the team ahead with a very beautiful goal.

The second half was aggressive and intense, where Juventus found the equalizer in the 78th minute; by means of Federico Chiesa. Just like in the first half, in the second Sassuolo took the party away from the whites as in the 82nd minute, Pinamonti put the home side ahead, while in the 95th minute, an own goal by Gatti ended the challenge with 4-2 figures.

With this victory, Sassuolo climbs to 11th place with 6 points, while Juventus is in fourth place with 10 points.