The AFL declares "non grata" the fans who threw flares in the match against Poland (Names)

2023-09-22 23:51:50Sport SHKRUAR NGA REDAKSIA VOX
The AFL declares "non grata" the fans who threw flares in the match against Poland

The Commission of Discipline and Ethics in the Albanian Football Federation issued the decisions regarding acts of violence in the Albania-Poland match.

In an announcement on the official website, the Disciplinary Commission informs that some fans are banned from entering the stadium in activities organized by the FFL, UEFA and FIFA for an unlimited period.

Decisions of the Discipline and Ethics Commission of the ALF dated 22.09.2023:

After getting acquainted with the relationship of the Technical Secretariat, the correspondence with the state police regarding the acts of violence in the match Albania - Poland held on 10.09.2023, where violations of the legal provisions of Article 48 et seq. of Law 79/2021 were found. For Sport" as well as after examining the presented documentation and discussing the issues as a whole based on articles 66 of the AFF statute, Article 59 et seq. of the KDE,


To prohibit the following persons from entering the football stadiums of the Republic of Albania where activities organized by the AFL, UEFA and FIFA are held for an unlimited period of time:

– Gerti Lleshi

– Young Grajveci

– Edmond Hyseni

– Almir Dubovci

- Berat Maloku

Based on Article 7 of the KDE, all members of the AFL who manage football stadiums are instructed to guarantee the implementation of this decision.

A copy of this decision should be forwarded to the State Police.